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Colville National Forest and the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition Announce Forest Restoration Projects


May 2, 2012

For Immediate Release

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Laura Jo West, supervisor, Colville National Forest, 509-684-7015
Russ Vaagen, vice president, Vaagen Bros. Lumber Company, 509-684-5071
Colville National Forest and the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition Announce Forest Restoration Projects  

- Projects restore forests & watersheds creating jobs in Ferry and Stevens counties -

The Colville National Forest has selected over twenty forest restoration projects for 2012 that have been funded as part of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act. The additional restoration work on the Colville, which will create new private sector and agency jobs, was made possible by a $968,000 federal grant that will fund year one of a ten year forest restoration project in Ferry and Stevens counties. The Colville was selected for funding from the highly competitive program in large part due to the forest’s history of collaboration with local government, the timber industry, conservation groups, and other citizens. The proposal called Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020 was submitted jointly by the Colville National Forest and the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition.

“When completed these projects will improve water quality, stormproof roadways, reduce forest wildfire risk and provide local employment,” said Laura Jo West, Supervisor of the Colville National Forest. “I am very pleased that twenty-one projects will be carried out in 2012.”

This funding will help fill a budget reduction of the Colville National Forest while providing additional resources to address forest restoration needs. Among the twenty one selected projects are Deadman Creek fisheries habitat restoration, Kettle Range fuels reduction, and 4,300 acres of forest restoration thinning in Ferry and Stevens Counties.

“These projects will provide logs to the wood products industry in the Tri-County area and put people to work in Ferry and Steven’s counties,” said Russ Vaagen, President of the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition and Vice President of Vaagen Bros. Lumber Company. “This is an important first step toward restoring healthy and productive forests,” said Vaagen. “A lot of people worked very hard to get this grant, and the success in getting it says a lot about the real benefits collaboration can have in our local communities. We’re very thankful to the many state and federal elected officials who spoke up on behalf of our proposal.”

The Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020 proposal encompasses about a million acres of federal, state, tribal and private land in Ferry and Stevens counties. Full funding over ten years would pay for restoration work on about 120,000 acres within that area. Funded projects will help protect private property from wildfire, restore water quality and fisheries, control invasive plants, improve recreation infrastructure, and restore habitat for big game and other wildlife.

The Northeast Washington Coalition working collaboratively with the Forest Service, elected officials and citizens has helped move forward over 30 forestry projects in the Colville National Forest since 2002.

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