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Joint NEWFC/CNF Meeting – August 16, 2007

Next NEWFC/CNF meeting October 23, 1-3 pm, Conservation District

Attending: Don Gonzales (CNF), Rick Brazell (CNF), Jim Parker (CNF), Linda Fee (CNF), NEWFC Lloyd McGee (president), Dave Heflick, Tania Ellersick, Tim Coleman (secretary), Maurice Williamson, Ron Gray (Treasurer), Bob Playfair, Derrick Knowles Visitors: Doug Seymour, Mitch Friedman, Scott Nielson, Marcus Ricceli, Sue Lani Madsen, Tommy Petrie,


1. Fire Salvage

2. Proof of Concept

3. Summit-Pierre Trail

4. Project Update

5. Blueprint

6. Tribal Forest Protection Act


1. Tripod Fire Salvage

Fire salvage potential w/ Windy Ridge – mostly sub-merchantable material; otherwise need to build roads (150 ac /50 ac non merchant/merchant). It is not cost effective to salvage in this area. Rick: what it does is bring to mind what will be done in the future that can be identified beforehand as active management, then we should treat that area the same whether it is green or dead. It was stated that NEWFC is attempting to tackle this issue collaboratively with more detail to follow.

2. Proof of Concept

POC is a new business strategy. Don G. gave a PowerPoint presentation about POC. Benefits: 1) local collaboration; 2) more gets done faster; 3) OHV & LRMP revision collaboration will be carried over; 4) old objectives was volume, new objectives are acres treated, reduced fire risk, etc; 5) improves efficiency; 6) reduces cost; 7) focus on collaboration; 8) multiple objectives within a geographic area.

Public involvement will occur at every phase; NEPA, planning, implementation, monitoring. Process: charter with Chief, performance contract in place by Oct 1, 2007; 5 year budget; annual review; flexibility to determine budget priorities.

Q> How was criteria selected

A> Communities with stability / collaborative groups.

Q> Can commissioners override NEWFC decisions

A> No (Rick)

Q> Tell me more about the process

A> Process to develop model/process/budget allocations for each project decision still rests with supervisor – S.O. relationship to NEWFC remains the same

3. Summit-Pierre Trail

Proposal from NeWFC to link-up rcreation trail w/stewardship fuels-reduction project. Objective is to design skid trails to meet up with Lv I roads to create a trail system (post-harvest). Recreation Committee reviewed project area and found it fit non-motorized recreation trail expansion proposed by committee. Would link up with existing campground facilities.

4. Project Update

Don handed out a status report of current projects. Expect 49 mmbf in ’07 – this is a big step forward for NEWFC / CNF collaboration!

5. Blueprint Update

Q & A about NEWFC’s blueprint. CNF/ Forest Plan Revision Team will meet with NEWFC on Sept. 10 to go over NEWFC Blueprint. Margaret Hartzell has questions about our proposal, including suitable / unsuitable lands and other definitions. ACTION: Lloyd and Don will coordinate to set up location / time.

6 Tribal Forest Protection Act

CNF will enter into discussions with Colville Tribes concerning TFPA. TFPA deal with stewardship contracting – allows Tribes first opportunity to bid on stewardship projects


Cost is about $500/acre. CNF has received funding to do 90,000 acres.

- Next meeting October 23, 1 pm, Conservation District