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Board Meeting with CNF – June 13, 2006


NEWFC – CNF Bi-monthly meeting minutes - Approved

June 13, 2006

Attending: Jean Lavell, Ginger Baker, Josh Anderson, Tania Ellersick, Phil Carew, Russ Larsen, Ron Gray, Lloyd McGee, Peter Forbs, Rick Brazell, Peter C. Griessmann, David Heflick, Russ Vaagen, Don Gonzales, Fred Way, Tim Coleman (minutes)

-- Peter Forbs, temp. district ranger in Republic -- 120 day assignment

-- Fred Way -- new Three Rivers district ranger, also work at Mongahella NF, and in range and wildlife for BLM.


A. Priority work fiscal 06-07 year

B. Ten year WUI

C. Danger Trees

D. Collaborative projects: South Deep, Vulcan, Misery, Malo East Lake

E. Environmental Management System

F. Silv. Tables, Gardin Taco, Togo Salvage, Trout collaboration review

G. Forest Plan revision


A. Fiscal priorities/ inventory:

1. Don passed out handout of proposed projects for ’07 and ’08, including fuels reduction and other projects. Future projects:

-- Forest plan revision to be completed 07

-- Travel management NEPA

-- timber: Hanlon, Conklin, River Bend

-- Stevens WUI

-- Chewelah Complex Range NEPA

-- Title II projects

2. Inventory: determine project boundary and fuels treatment needs. Objective is to reduce costs/mbf; mostly focused on ’07. Projects:

-- Malo East Lake, Hanlon, Stevens WUI, Conklin, River Bend, Ferry WUI

B. Ten year WUI treatment assessment:

-- FLT wants to know how many acres need to be treated? Planning team worked on some numbers, looked at prior treatment areas and burned areas = 192K acres came out the other end -- forest-wide -- and are to be evaluated for treatment. Gross acreage will be different from treated area. Malo East Lake is 17.5K ac. Will need to wrap within county fire plans. Essentially an assessment to generate some numbers to work from. Concern raised about Malo East Lake – potentially better location in dry forest. Now is the time for additional input.

Will fire plans influence area treated? Rick: Yes. Only have so much funding. Need to prioritize. All counties want action. WUI will be looked at in its entirety. Will restoration be put on hold? Rick, no, WUI is a separate thing. Should be able to handle one timber sale per year that is non-WUI. Stewardship and restoration need to be kept separate. CNF has most stewardship projects (10) in Region 6.

C. Vulcan field trip:

-- Issues: old growth, commercial prescription treatments, roads and decommissioning. FS will not be tying decommissioning (of 2114-075) to the project, but will be looked via CE in the future. Quite a bit of time spent reviewing old growth unit. Roads issue is being brought in late in the project so we set ourselves up for a NEPA challenge if was added it in at this point. Need to take into account commissioner concerns. The Project Committee is going to give a “high” recommendation of support except for the old growth unit – has implications for other projects. NEWFC Projects Committee will have its answer to CNF by July 21 regarding OG unit, but will send a separate letter supporting the rest of the project asap. A field trip was proposed to review recent old growth treatments.

D. Misery Lake:

-- Issues: shelterwood, lodgepole. Does the coalition want to collaborate? Word is there will be resistance from outside NEWFC. Projects Committee supports collaboration. Opportunities to avoid resistance and get some things accomplished. Shelterwood is not a good term – “irregular group selection” was proposed. NFC (Mark, Seattle?) and SCA are concerned about what is being done. Field trip didn’t look at more aggressive treatment area – some follow-up would be helpful.

E. Malo East Lake:

-- course-filter assessment; what has been burned drops out, everything else is included. Field assessment the summer and fall and decision ’07. How far down silv. list do we go? How long before re-entry? Collaboration might start late summer / early fall. Concerns about roadless issue. Need to provide input. Designation by Description was proposed for the project. Upper Wolf will have some DbD. DbD will be cost-saving. Problem with DbD is weight-scale. Problem now is weigh every truck; other authority that R-6 has is to sell by load. Could be self-policing but problem is R-6 policy. Goodman has authority to change. Jean will bring a map to the next meeting. Field trip late summer / early fall would be helpful.

F. Forest Plan update

-- Summit was postponed: 1) all nine commissioners wanted delay, 2) hadn’t held county check-in meetings, 3) gather information to take back to the Summit. County check-ins will not be collaborative, but information gathering. Dates tba. Will be out in the field checking out new IRA’s – not old ones. Are classified roads criteria changing? Rick, no, just clearing up some confusion -- national emphasis. Most of it will not fit wilderness because of sites and sounds of human settlement. If it goes through the screen then were obligated to recommend wilderness.

G. Danger Tree

-- Engineering has done some evaluation of roads and has identified some danger tree roads. Hazards include lean, visible health, campgrounds. Levell III-V are top priority and LVII are low priority but still a concern. Funding is available. Choices will be to take the tree out or close the road. Present policy is to keep haul roads open. Will be included in projects where possible. R-6 only – brand new. Could incorporate a field trip to review existing problems with other field reviews.

H. South Deep

-- Decision has been signed (June 9). Selected WUI alternative, includes constructing 2 miles of road. Closing 6.6 road miles. All new roads will be closed following treatment. Part of it will sell be Sept. 30 (offer July). Some unhappiness within FS staff about treatments – especially not treating dog-hair thickets of lodgepole (Misery is similar).

I. Env. Management Systems ( EMS)

-- Don handed out CD containing EMS protocols and controls. Doc. EMS Guide Body is gateway to all information. Need to document what is working as well as traditional approach of what is not working.

J. Future meetings (field trips)

-- Silv. tables: Dave/Pete will take the lead. FS: Scott Brogen, Jim Parker and a line officer. Will help standardize data. Need by August 8

-- Gardin Taco: assessing ongoing treatment. Adaptive management, potential to modify project. Betty and ? will lead. By July 30.

-- Togo Salvage: after action review. Fred / Josh are lead. Sept. 30.

-- Vulcan collaborative reflection. Dave/Jean. Jan. 30, 08

-- old growth treatment: Tania/Steve, July 6

-- Malo East WUI boundary review: Jean/Tim, June 20

-- Malo East WUI field trip: Tim/Pete by Aug. 31

-- Phillips Ranch lodgepole/regen/: Lloyd/Fred; July 31

Next joint meeting: August 8, location tba