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Board Meeting with CNF – April 13, 2006


Minutes – Board – CNF joint meeting

Board attending: David Heflick, Lloyd McGee, Tania Ellersick, Maurice Williamson, Mike Petersen, Peter Griessmann, Russ Vaagen, John Eminger, Gary Reeve, Ron Gray, Tim Coleman (notes) -- CNF: Don Gonzales, Jim Perkins, Joe Alexander, Debbie Wilkins, Al Scott, Ginger Gilmore


  • CNF Bi-Monthly Update

1. Ferry County WUI

2. Vulcan Input

3. Conger

4. Misery

5. Next steps after summit

6. District Ranger position update

A. CNF Bi-Monthly update

1. Ferry County WUI

Looking at priority areas north of SR 20 to Boulder Pass road and from Kettle Crest west to Curlew valley. FS wants to be responsive to commissioners/fire plan. Funding for evaluating 25K ac. Prescriptions may or may not include mechanical treatments. Lots of issues esp. wildlife (winter range, lynx, etc.). CNF looking to NEWFC to help address/answer questions associated with issues. In near term we can show map but more specificity will have lag time. Expect to sell some of the in ’07. Not sure how planning area will be broken down into 10-year, individual project contracts. May not do 10-year stewardship because of additional financial liability – Apache-Sitgraves NF did a 10 year contract only because lack of infrastructure. Will have to gather data before moving forward in all areas. Effort is to get the ball rolling – most efficient means is to move individual projects forward. Will use stewardship contracts but not for entire planning area. Giving one contract to one company might create instability in industry. CNF is split into two zones (east & west). Need to guard against catastrophic events (like fire) taking resources away; smaller project (v planning unit) approach creates flexibility. Jean Lavell will be project lead. Not sure how Ferry WUI will fit into target volume – unsure what WUI volume is going to be. CNF has made a commitment to organize a field review similar to pre-bid tour to get ideas for proceeding with the project – to occur towards the end of summer (and post Ferry CWPP).

NEWFC would like monitoring to follow collaboration – some stewardship funds need to be directed to cover this-- the Coalition would go for matching funds from Title II. Some pre-treatment monitoring should be set up, including for roads.

R-6 budget is 25 mmbf/annually; but ’06 budget is 35 mmbf. Possibility for this to change in the future if a streamlined process (stewardship, fireplans, collaboration) make that possible. FS starting to build in “shelf stock.”

CNF anticipates all county fireplans will be out by end of summer. Their intent is to create white paper on how each plan will be implemented.

2. Vulcan (EA)

Road layer will be sent tomorrow; road obliteration objectives need to review what type of impacts. Expectation is that if road removal is not question of limitation to “access” then can be decommissioned without roads analysis. Anticipation is implementing emerging NEWFC consensus re set of standards to address variabilities. Lynx corridors data will updated; prescriptions may change as a result; retaining x percent coverage. FS still owes lynx corridor and roads information to David. Pine marten and old growth may be issues. Coalition input has been good. Want to standardize data matrix for all future projects; provides a levels a specificity, including diameter thresholds, that will help streamline process. Collaborative process is steadily improving – it’s constructive.

It would be helpful to have monitoring data (ie from Trout) to use in Vulcan. Adaptive management is predicated on monitoring data. Joe said FLT had identified available funds to monitor; funds could by matched by RAC funding.

There will be some restoration projects in Vulcan stewardship contract that are not part of NEPA document. Decision anticipated in August.

3. Conger

Too far along for collaboration. Numerous comments received. Nearing completion. Response to comments out by mid-May.

4. Misery

Far down the line. Does NEWFC want to get engaged to this project (and/or Conger) like it did in Deadman (old project)? Even-aged prescriptions are a problem for some of us. If NEWFC was to get involved it might slow down project, but we are willing to engage if FS thinks it would be constructive. Should be out next year.

Concerns raised this (and Conger, Upper/Lower Wolf) are not NEWFC-collaborated projects. Treatments (regen cuts, not location or roads) are crux of concern. Upper/Lower Wolf are similar. These are “old pipeline” projects. South Deep is an example of a project that did get modified – TLC would prefer that route v. appealing projects.

Lloyd suggested that NEWFC could engage with Misery to help identify our concerns in order to see if CNF will modify. Efficiency could be realized by looking at other pipeline projects and see what similarities there are and apply changes/lessons learned to Misery / Conger. Lloyd will send a letter similar to S. Deep -- issues are the same. This is another trust-building exercise. Need comments by 21 st of May.

5. Next steps after Summit

Debbie will be sending out notes from Summit to NEWFC by early next week (via email). Debbie would like to hear back about changes by the end of the week. They will get posted by the following Monday. People have requested if additional people can participate but Debbie has been telling them no, but they can be observers.

April 29 the Roundtable collaborative will reconvene. Phil Jahns will come next meeting and present information re wildlife, vegetation, forest health. Wilderness/Roadless / Forest Health are polar opposites but may need to be presented simultaneously (similar to sessions at summit). Recreation fits within this. Debbie will provide large scale maps where we can draw “emphasis” areas (WUI, recommend wilderness, roads). Concern is this approach will be a “crayon drawing session” that criteria is a prerequisite before drawing on maps.

There is a real lack of understanding about what certain allocations mean; Recommend Wilderness for instance. A map of inventoried roadless areas and already roaded landscape (esp. WUI) needs to be shown. Debbie is preparing a sheet Recommend Wilderness / The Wilderness Act. Hard copy (with all three layers: WUI, roads, IRAs). Lead with Forest Health – may get to discussion of Recommended Wilderness.

Recommendations were to use paper maps on the walls instead of projected ones. Best approach is to include all three layers on the same map: 1)WUI, 2) roads, 3) inventoried roadless areas.

6. District Ranger changes

Three Rivers: Fred Way, coming in June -- out of W. Virginia. Background in wildlife and range, some international work. He’s has experience re collaboration.

Republic: Joe Alexander is leaving at the end of May, moving to Chippewa NF, regrets having to leave but has family need. Replacement will hopefully be in place within 5 months.

7. Other

The Coalition would like advanced calls or emails before planned field trips. The last notice came the day before the field trip.

8. Standardize Data (to be discussed at the next meeting)

Next Meeting – tentatively 13 June @ Community College; 1 PM.