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Joint NEWFC/CNF Meeting – October 23, 2007

Next NEWFC/CNF meeting -- December 13, 1 PM, Stevens Conservation District

CNF Attending: Dave Bostick, Don Gonzales, Jim Parker

NEWFC Board Attending: Lloyd McGee, Tania Ellersick, Tim Coleman; Claudia Michalke, Dick Dunton, Maurice Williamson, Derrick Knowles

Public Attending: Sue Lani Madsen, Russ Larsen, Karen Dodson; Austin Jenkins


1. Lloyd’s time

2. Rick’s time

3. Travel Management

4. Proof of Concept

5. Monitoring Protocol

6. Project Updates

7. Other

1. Lloyd’s Time: Lloyd and Tim met with NPR reporter this morning to review Quartzite Project which is currently being logged.

2. Rick’s Time: Rick is in Portland talking about Proof of Concept. Colville is looking at whole forest while other POC are looking at specific projects. Business Plan (performance contract) has been enlarged to 16 pages. There is a regional leadership team. We’re starting with the present and looking at what would like to do in the next 5-10 years. R-6 will then need to sign off on the plan. Then we will address ten-year budget. R-6 got $25M KV-derived funds which CNF got $1M in ’07 – those funds are gone. CNF costs/unit output are highest in R-6 – effort is to reduce costs by avoiding extraneous expenses (like marking wrong trees).

Coalition asked when would designation by description be put in place? Wouldn’t that improve cost per unit of output?

LIDAR contract was awarded – 99K acres for $121K, area is Sherman Creek corridor from Columbia River to western forest boundary (east of Republic) and between upper San Poil to N. Fork O’Brien Creek – this will match up with Walker and Sherman Corridor projects, the latter which will receive federal highway dollars. Flights will be with “leaf on” to differentiate between dead and winter dormant trees. Also will benefit monitoring environmental benefits of Growden Dam removal.

Rumor Control: 1) Forest Service created the blueprint – not true. 2) Blueprint is included in a wilderness bill (Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act) – not true. 3) The Forest Service is sponsoring NEWFC barbecues – not true. 4) Lorah Waters is working for the Forest Service in support of the blueprint – not true -- she works for NEWFC. PROPOSAL is to add feature to website: Rumor Control.

NEWFC Outreach: NEWFC finished conducting a number of barbecue’s, one in each of Tri-county area. These were a review of the Coalition’s blueprint and it’s participation in the SEPARATE Forest Service-led collaborative process.

3. Travel Management

CNF expects to come out with a Forest Plan amendment addressing ORV use. New philosophy is closed unless signed open – a departure from open unless signed close. RO has said Forest Plan must be revised. Current plan has areas closed (Research Natural Areas, etc.) or open to motorized but has inconsistencies. Just released is a comparison table: what management area description says and what CNF is recommending to change. CNF is currently assessing ramifications of changing plan wording. These actions will not change current travel management. Travel map is being improved. An addition 320 miles of additional trails are being evaluated in addition to current 650 miles trail system.

NEWFC Rec. Committee has been coordinating with Craig Newman and Debbie. Interest is to develop a route system using criteria developed by the committee.

4. Proof Concept

R-6 budget might be reduced by $300K. NEWFC is concerned that POC is not being accurately represented; fewer constraints were anticipated. Rick is assembling a briefing paper for RO. CNF contracts are mostly going to local contractors. Partnership contracts garnered $1.9 M in ’07. Next step is to define POC projects, how to involve the public, what to emphasize and de-emphasize.

Hand out: Proof of Concept, Funding Levels for Program Areas, October 10, 2007. This paper summarizes budget recommendations and decisions.

5. Monitoring Protocol

Coalition got Title II (RAC) funds for third-party contract monitoring of stewardship projects and analysis by the Coalition. NEWFC handed out its draft protocols paper. Group discussion followed. Key issues are size class, plot size & number, review & verify before/after tables, etc. The Coalition asked if it’s possible to get before tables for Bangs and Trout? Baseline information is essential to carry out analysis. Data gathering must be completed by end of summer 08. Outreach component would follow.

6. Project Updates

Don handed out project contract updates. Malo-East Lake due out May 08 and projected to be sold in 09. Trout (west) has been slowed in part by lack of capacity and demands by NEWFC for before and after tables. Vulcan will be sold in 08.

7. Other

Is there planning for salvage variability? Yes, CNF is working on principles. The Coalition is working on same. Tania and Maurice agreed to sit down with CNF to develop a mock fire salvage project for February.

-- Next meeting December 13, 1 pm, Conservation District