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Joint Board Meeting with CNF – October 16, 2006

Next NEWFC/CNF meeting: Dec. 18, 1 pm, Usk, location to be announced

Joint NEWFC/CNF Bi-monthly Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2008

CNF Attending: Don Gonzales, Ed Maffei, Tom Pawley, John Buehler, Rick Brazell; Linda Fee; Dean Millet; Jim Parker

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Mike Petersen, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); Ron Gray (treasurer); David Heflick, Maurice Williamson, Russ Vaagen; Dick Dunton, Ron Gray

Absent NEWFC Board Members: Phil Carew, Derrick Knowles, Bob Playfair, Jeff Juel, Steve West

Other participants: Melissa Rose, Rick DeAngelo, Merrill Ott, Sue Lani-Madsen


1. Lloyd’s time

2. Rick’s time

3. Climate change workshop

3. Field monitoring tour

4. After Action Review

5. Coalition Grant

6. Wilderness assessment

7. Salvage

8. Project Planning / Implementation

9. Tribal outreach

10. GIS question

11. Salvage issue

12. Project Planning / Implementation

13. Summit-Pierre / Hanlon.

14. Proof of Concept

15. Next meeting

1. Lloyd’s time

NEWFC is working on several projects. Coalition representatives attended Sun River collaboration conference in early October. There was much discussion about collaboration and what’s working. Most groups said collaboration wasn’t finding success. NEWFC gave an update regarding our successes. NEWFC was unique in the level of community outreach to community groups. Gifford-Pinchot Taskforce gave a report regarding a successful project collaboration working with Forest Service staff where GPT did the NEPA.

2. Rick’s time

Rick is back after being gone 3.5 months. He got a different perspective after being in R-6 office – looking at 17 national forests – no doubt NEWFC / CNF collaborative is unique. Mary Wagner is the new regional forester – she understands collaboration and partnerships. She served as acting director of timber management in DC office at one time. She was the first director of wilderness and wild & scenic rivers. Fred Way won’t be back until late December or early January – he’s been serving as a deputy forest supervisor in CA. Colville RAC has been funded for four years; Rick advised that everyone get on board with that process. Being this is an election year the WO is being cautious.

3. Climate change workshop

Next Thursday and Friday, starts @ 8 AM at the Coast Hotel. Conference will be led by scientists from PNW Research Station and will focus on our eco-region. Breakout sessions will follow presentations to discuss big picture – long term vision of management. Case study assessment – one has been done on the Olympic NF. Mike talked about opportunity to help engage in county-wide climate plans.

4. Tribal outreach. We’ve heard from UCUT that CNF has not briefed them re Forest Plan revision. Rick said CNF and Forest Plan leadership team has sent letters and has not gotten much of response. Rick expressed support of the coalition setting up a collaborative field tour with Colville Tribe resource professionals.

5. GIS – NEWFC is finding some discrepancy regarding allotment acreage and actual acreage. Data shows acreage of allotment and percentage that is suitable. Martha Micinski is the one to talk too to get answers. Discrepancy could be use of “current” acreage versus “active.”

6. Forest Planning -- Industry is working with AFRC to submit a letter of recommendation from just industry versus from NEWFC with the intent to demonstrate a much broader industry perspective.

7. Field monitoring field trip. Burnt Valley and Bangs Mountain fuel treatments. Monitoring was undertaken to determine if plot data showed objectives were met relative to diameter caps. It was determined that diameter caps can be problematic in meeting objectives. Criteria included -- clumpiness -- and created opening sizes – there was a concern openings would be too large. Conclusion: project objectives have been met. Maurice brought up concern about burning prescription was unnecessary in Burnt Valley. Spacing is not as important to NEWFC as is basal area. We need to continue to use all the measurement tools available:

Summit – Pierre: NEWFC has a meeting set up with Scott 10-29 to look at various criteria. Omak Wood Products is doing a woody biomass assessment. CelGar is also looking at woody biomass cogeneration power plant. There is a challenge for us to figure out how to make hog fuel from fuel reduction projects cost-effective to take to Avista.

8. After Action Review Process for Malo-East Lake Project: review of collaborative process; what worked, what didn’t and how to improve the process next time. Linda handed out a summary of CNF review.

9. Grant to US Endowment. 58 applicants nationally – NEWFC has submitted a proposal and is in the running.

10. Wilderness assessment (Rick): value was communication but no “ah ha” moments. Not a lot of useful data has been created -- not getting a lot of new information. “We’re not going to get there.” Rick is thinking of getting eastern Washington Resource Advisory Council engaged to advise him. There was discussion about failure or validity of the process. There were a number of individuals who felt the process degraded between the Cusick meeting and Colville meeting. There were concerns about wilderness being discussed aside from other forest management issues. Rick said he understands there is a connection between all uses.

11. Salvage position paper: Because of higher priority issues this has not gotten a lot of attention lately. The coalition is to coordinate with Jim Parker and Don Gonzalez since it is a forest-wide issue. We have made big headway. We don’t want to have to do this in an emergency situation. Rural Voices for Community Collaboration is also engaged in this. A final draft will need some additional vetting with regional groups because it is likely to become the model for the West. Rick said R-6 is concerned about the challenges salvage has created for the agency for forest supervisors. Maurice pointed out that management area allocations and the broader forest plan revision process will significantly influence the outcome and as such the coalition is concerned about getting to far ahead of that process. David will circulate potential meeting dates. Using BAER money strategically post, rather than pre, agreement will accomplish more objectives.

12. Project Planning / Implementation: Don handed out a Timber Projects Update.

Malo East Lake DN is signed and will be offered in Spring 09 – likely will be folding in with Herron. MEL and Vulcan: most tree cutting will be designation by description. It would be nice to do follow up monitoring of these two projects.

13. Summit-Pierre / Hanlon. Meeting in the field October 27 to look at Hanlon – meet at 9 AM @ the Vaagen office in Usk. Summit-Pierre, the coalition is moving forward on this project.

14. Proof of Concept: CNF looking to get Peter Williams to be a coordinator for all three forests. The Regional Office increased the stable budget by the $300K Linda Goodman had originally removed: total $7.3 M POC appropriated dollars. Salvage funds are outside the stable budget but account for about 50% of the funds for the timber program. The Forest lost a large portion of the fund as 63% WO overhead. This will affect the volume the Forest produces over the next few years.

15. Next meeting – December 18, 1 PM in Usk, location to be announced

-- Adjourned @ 3:12