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Board Meeting with CNF – October 10, 2006

Approved -- Joint CNF-NEWFC Meeting

October 10, 2006

Attending: Jim McGowan, Tania Ellersick, Jim Parker, Phil Aune, Lloyd McGee (president), Betty Higgins, Russ Larsen, Tim Coleman (secretary), David Heflick, Mike Petersen, Karen Honeycutt


1. Malo East-lake - Misery
2. Lodgepole Pine Workshop
3. Forest Plan Revision - update
4. Flow Chart
5. Suitability

August 8 meeting minutes approved.

1. Malo East-lake /Misery. NEWFC will be participating in both projects.

a. Malo East-Lake draft purpose and need is out. Would be helpful if more information was available to facilitate NEWFC input. Data is being compiled and will be out by the end of October defining stand structure/concerns.

b. Misery – Tania Ellersick is lead for NEWFC. Some information is out.

2. Lodgepole Pine Field Trip & Workshop. S. Deep concerns about lodgepole; in order to avoid potential challenges TLC proposed that a workshop and field trip be held to review various conditions / treatments. Looking Cherry-Lock Timber, Rocky Creek, Phillip’s Ranch, and South Deep. FS will send specialists, esp. fuels.

Action: TLC will be organizing workshop with diverse cross-section of specialists and a separate field trip. Proposed dates for field trip between Oct. 23-31 -- Tuesday, October 24 is proposed date. November 27 or 28 is preliminary date for roundtable workshop.

3. Forest Plan Collaborative – map will be generated with roads, new IRAs (2005 – minus 2006 field verification) and will be mailed out to Summit participants this week.

Mike Blankenship called Betty and told her that commissioners are considering pulling out of the process; he is seeking support from Dean Cummins. Merrill Ott also conveyed that he is concerned about the Summit process – noting that everything seems to be pointing toward preservation and little to resource use. Merrill was concerned that all 1,000-5,000 ac. unroaded areas would be managed as non-motorized – but this was not consensed to in other groups. NEWFC will be meeting with commissioners to try to remedy situation before next meeting, October 21.

4. Flow Chart – GIS and “proposed action” are remaining outstanding issues. CNF “only” works for final proposed action. Intent is for collaborative process to be involved in development of projects. Interest is upfront cooperation. Do you roll out a blank watershed map? Probably won’t work. Proposed action and purpose & need doesn’t start with a blank slate or FS bringing a finely tuned proposal, but rather, something in between; a preliminary proposed action. FS agrees as far as proposal, but not Purpose & Need. Generally want a process where FS guides the process and public helps design. Developing prescriptions options for each plant association of tree species group is what is needed. NEWFC is developing such plant association prescriptive approaches and will have to those in the near future. Units? Are they harvest units or stand structure units – action: strike “harvest information” replace with “stand information.” Jim P. proposed that GIS data be provided often during the process.

5. Suitability – Coalition is using Land Management System (UW/RTI) analysis. Rick B. suggested talking with Phil Jahns to determine suitability. Phil sent a data layer but doesn’t seem to match up well to CNF. Looking at 388,000 (Responsible Management Area) to determine mmbf/yr. CNF uses project by project analysis to determine suitability.

Action: David will talk with Phil Jahns to determine criteria used and report back.

Next meeting – December 12 – 1 PM, Stevens Conservation District