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Board Meeting – September 24, 2009

NEWFC Board – Minutes

September 24, 2009

NRCS Conference Room 

Next NEWFC board meeting October 15 – 1 PM

Attending board: Lloyd McGee (president), Tim Coleman (secretary); Mike Petersen, Jeff Juel, Claudia Michalke (executive director); Maurice Williamson, Dick Dunton, Phil Carew (a quorum was present)

Absent Board Members: Bob Playfair, Derrick Knowles, Steve West, Russ Vaagen, Ron Gray, David Heflick

Others attending: Phil Aune, Wes McCart


1. Minutes from last meeting reviewed/approved

2. Treasurer’s Report

3. Executive Committee Report

4. Congressional Roundtable

5. Turnkey Project

6. Projects Committee

7. Rick’s replacement

8. Thank you letter to Senator Cantwell and Rep. McMorris Rodgers


1. Minutes – Maurice motioned and Dick seconded to approve August minutes – approved (unanimous).

2. Treasurer’s Report -- Our NEWFC account balance is $1771 73. There is $4879.38 still in the budget and on deposit at the Stevens County Conservation District for the Disabled Hunter Project. Is there a need to talk to National Forest Foundation about extending the period of the grant and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation? Mike agreed to do so if necessary, however after talking to the Forest Service we discovered expenses that have yet to be submitted that will use up the remainder of grant dollars.

3. Executive Committee Update

All parties have agreed to sign the NEWFC MOU.

East Wedge Project. Claudia has been hired by the Stevens County Conservation District to serve as contracting officer for this project. Claudia and NEWFC signed a Personal Services Agreement which entails her continuing to serve as NEWFC Executive Director as a non-paid volunteer.

4. Congressional Roundtable

Following the Spokane Forum/Listening Session that mostly esteemed NEWFC’s collaborative successes, congressional staff of Senator Maria Cantwell and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers decided to convene a “Roundtable” of problem-solvers to continue collaborative dialogue begun at the Forum. An opposition group Riparian Owner’s of Ferry County created a sign-on letter in opposition to the Roundtable. Supervisor Brazell told Lloyd he will participate in the Roundtable provided legislation is not specifically discussed.

5. East Wedge (Turnkey) Project

The Taskforce is working with the Stevens County Conservation District to provide technical assistance and data. Bill Shields, who replaced Jim Parker at the Forest Service, has been working with Claudia regarding the Turnkey Project. There seems to be a lack of timber stand data that is complicating work progress. The Forest Service says they don’t have pre-existing data for the project area even though there were projects in the East Wedge vicinity in the ‘90s.

6. Projects Committee

Hanlon Project – the committee has come to agreement regarding unit type and special management (ie. pine marten) units. A draft EA is due out the end of October. Mike has communicated information about this project to Selkirk Conservation Alliance to make sure they are kept in the loop.

Summit-Pierre – the committee has agreed to give a high level of support provided the Forest Service puts the project out that the collaborative process produced.

7. Forest Supervisor replacement

It is frustrating that we are again losing our Forest Supervisor. This creates a burden for NEWFC and our community because a new supervisor can take a long time to catch up on historic and contemporary issues, outcomes and processes. Phil A. suggested that we communicate to Regional Forester Mary Wagner and cc the Chief asking that Rick’s position be filled ASAP so the momentum NEWFC and CNF has created in the area of project development and implementation is not slowed down. Phil C. asked that we request that Rick stay on the Forest until his replacement is named.

8. Thank you letters to congressional leaders

Lloyd read a draft letter to Sen. Cantwell and Rep. McMorris Rodgers thanking both for their leadership in co-sponsoring the Spokane Forum. Maurice, Phil (both) and Tim offered small amendments to the letter.

Motion: Maurice motioned to accept the letter as amended, seconded by Mike (motion passed (unanimous)

Adjourned @ 2:55 PM