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Board Meeting – September 18, 2008

NEWFC Board – Minutes

NRCS Conference Room

Next NEWFC board meeting 10-16; SCCD

Attending board members & staff: Lloyd McGee (president), Jeff Juel, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); Ron Gray (treasurer); David Heflick, Maurice Williamson, Phil Carew, Dick Dunton

Absent Board Members: Mike Petersen, Bob Playfair, Derrick Knowles, Russ Vaagen, Steve West

Also attending: Commissioner Tony Delgado, Russ Larsen, Rick Angeleno

-- Meeting commenced @ 1:05 PM


1. Minutes approved

2. Old Business

3. Committee reports


1. Minutes – Jeff motioned, Dave second (unanimous)

2. Old Business

A. Treasurer’s report – nothing new to report. Ron handed out a report.

B. Public comments

Commissioner Delgado asked if motorized recreation trails could be around the perimeter of a wilderness area? Yes. NEWFC Recreation Committee has in fact offered to collaborate on such a proposal. Lloyd noted that he and Duane Vaagen had ridden an ATV around Little Pend Oreille Lakes, about 35 miles – about 35,000 acres. This is an example of what could be a Stewardship project area that could include development of motorized trials in the area. Tony offered to get a group of motorized recreation enthusiasts to work with the coalition.

C. Monitoring Report – the Coalition received funding to monitor Burnt Valley and Bangs Mountain projects. A NEWFC field tour with Colville National Forest officials of these project sites to review monitoring report will be held the 10-7 (Burnt Valley, 9 AM @ Chewelah City Park) and 10-8 (Bangs Mountain – meet Three RIVERS @ 9 AM) of October. Dick gave a brief review of a field visit taken by the BLM RAC that held a meeting in Colville today. Dick also read a brief report prepared by Bret Winterowd regarding field monitoring.

D. Disabled Hunter Grant – this is a partnership with conservation districts, commissioners and Forest Service to establish trails open to just disabled hunters during hunting season.

E. Americorps volunteer – Candace Hultberg is working with the coalition to inventory motorized and non-motorized trials and proposed trails.

D. Grant proposal to US Endowment for Forestry & Communities. Our coalition proposal – Northeast Washington Renascent Forestry Proposal -- is near completion and will be submitted shortly. Maurice provided overview of NEWFC’s proposal which includes contracting project work (on a turnkey basis) with a third parties to do NEPA, cruising and marking. We have several letters of support including from AFRC, Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland, state Rep. Joel Kretz, state Senator Bob Morton, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, John Mankowski (Gov. Gregoire staff (and a as partner) and the Colville National Forest. Proposal contains a framework for on the ground and outreach to promote sustainable forestry concept to be coupled with what we do at the state level (which includes working with media, small landowner outreach and cost-share for pre-commercial timber and prescribed burning). If the pre-proposal has been accepted a more objectives specific proposal would then be submitted.

3. Committee Reports

A. Executive Committee

- Stewardship Conference

Members of the committee will be attending a stewardship workshop at Sun River next week convened by Sustainable Northwest. Jeff, Mike and Lloyd will be attending.

-CNF Climate Change training in Wenatchee

Forest Service has invited two NEWFC members to participate in their two-day workshop 10-27. Ron and Tim expressed interest in attending.

B. Taskforce Committee

Back Lakes -- - There is a bunch of blowdown (about 100 truck loads); old closed roads would need to be opened. FS approached Lloyd asking if old NEPA could be used with a new decision. Proposal is to set up a field trip.

Action: Lloyd will set up a field trip with CNF.

C. Recreation Committee

1. DHA Grant: I attended the work party with members of the Mule Deer

Foundation, INW Wildlife Council, and the forest service on behalf of

NEWFC. Candace is working on the DHA hunter survey.

2. Rec committee: Candace is almost done with the inventory of

proposed non-motorized trails in the Old Dominion Mt. area north of

Colville. She will have a full proposal ready to submit to the FS by

this fall. This trail proposal is using FS criteria and will be used

as a model for future trail proposals (a great product for NEWFC to

hold up). I am behind on updating the rec committee content on the

NEWFC web site, but will be doing that this month.

D. Education and Public Relations Committee

Business roundtable events have been held in Spokane, Republic, Colville and Newport – there is a lot of enthusiasm for what NEWFC has accomplished and is proposing regarding its management proposal for the Colville National Forest. Newspaper inserts were recently included in rural press in Tri-County area. The committee is working to develop a handout and website data sheet of wilderness policy and law.

E. Projects Committee

Malo-East Lakes project has gone through 30-day objection period and will come out in January for bid. Pierre-Summit and Hanlan projects are current projects on which the committee is working. We expect a much higher level of public / government involvement in the Hanlon Project. Last meeting the board voted to collaborate on Hanlan Project. Kalispel Tribe, local government and public interests will be involved in this project. Scoping is in progress at this time for Summit-Pierre and Hanlan. Dave explained how the scoping process works and as an example walked meeting participants through a recent letter submitted by The Lands Council to Hanlan Project. Summit-Pierre field 9-27, 1-4 PM the CNF will hold a field trip.

Tim: send out wilderness facts for board review and approval.

Meeting adjourned @ 3:30 PM