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Board Meeting – September 18, 2006

Approved NEWFC Board Meeting

Attending: Dave, Phil, Mark, Maurice, Tania, Ron, Tim, John E., Lloyd, Peter

-- Approval of meeting minutes from August 8 for BOTH regular board meeting and Joint NEWFC - Forest Service meetings. Maurice motioned for approval and Ron Seconded – unanimous

1. Presentation re Taskforce product. Dave gave PowerPoint of current situation. Road policy discussed.

2. Forest Plan approach: 388,000 ac. in Responsible Management Area that falls within “operable” area – actual is approx. 500K ac but pine martin, riparian, etc. have been removed. Volume estimate 102 mmbf based upon 3 mbf/acre minimum yield but did not take into account growth factor or stands yielding less than 2 mbf. Concern is that Forest Plan process puts us in situation of advocating for full RMA but not full wilderness. How to address? Agreed that need separate classification for “restore for” areas.

Board agreed that NEWFC will recommend to CNF staff support full 388K acres RMA, 240K acres of Recommended Wilderness and 320K acres as Restoration Area (includes restore to wilderness, approx. 1/3). Maurice and Lloyd have a meeting with Rick tomorrow to present our proposal.

3. Mark gave update RE Stevens Fire Plan

- Peter will be working .2 FTE/wk for Stevens County carrying out fire plan (Phase 1 to Phase II). Dick is out on fire; so we’re stalled until he returns. Want to get Phase 1 finished and move on to Phase II. $25K sitting out there to finish Phase I – must complete by 21 July 2007.

4. October 13 – workshop and field trip. Jay Berube and Karl Fiedler will be presenting at NEWFC Forestry Workshop. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

5. Jasmine Minbashian, communications director for Conservation NW, gave a presentation concerning focus group meetings held during spring of 2005. Jasmine handed out a sheet of relevant findings and discussed potential NEWFC messaging. Board discussion followed.