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Board Meeting – September 13, 2007

Next meeting: Joint NEWFC/CNF, Oct. 23, 1-3 pm- and -- 3-5 pm board meeting

NEWFC Board Meeting – Approved

NRCS Conference Room

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Ron Gray (treasurer), David Heflick, Tim Coleman (secretary), Tania Ellersick;

Board members absent: Bob Playfair, Russ Vaagen, Phil Carew, Mike Petersen, Steve West, Maurice Williamson, Derrick Knowles, Dick Dunton.

Public participants: Sue Lani Madsen, Russ Larsen, Scott Nielson; Phil Aune

1. Approval of minutes were tabled due to lack of a quorum

2. Hiring an executive director

3. RAC funding – monitoring grant

4. Proof of Concept (CNF)

5. Committee Updates: Taskforce update, Rec Committee update


1. Approval of minutes was tabled due to lack of quorum

2. Executive director hiring. Proposal to hire Claudia Michalke as new executive director. Lloyd circulated a letter from Claudia. Executive Committee recommended hiring Claudia. Lloyd pointed out that we need someone to fill our administrative role. Four board members sent in proxies voting to approve hiring Claudia. The EC is working on a job description and Tim will send out to the board. There was some concern that whoever takes on this role that trust needs to be developed and that responsibilities be primarily to support board needs. Lloyd called for a motion to approve from 5 board members present.

Motion: to approve Claudia as new executive director. Motion approved (Gray moved, Coleman seconded); includes 4 proxy votes: Russ, Maurice, Dick, Derrick.

3. Title II RAC funding has been approved for $52,300 to cover third party (before/after) effectiveness monitoring of stewardship projects. Lessoned learned will be used for Pierre-Summit and Kettle Face.

4. POC. This process is a new approach to managing national forests. First step is to develop a collaborative Colville Forest business plan is underway and the plan objectives must be determined by October 1. Paperwork handed out by the Forest Service emphasizes collaborative decision making process. There is an all day meeting 9-24, 8-4:30 at the Colville fairgrounds Ag Trade building.

5. Scott Nielson discussed concerns of his off-road vehicle club concerning the blueprint. Scott thinks there is a lot of good in what the coalition is doing but wants motorized recreation trails included. There was much discussion about benefits of a more inclusive process and that give and take was key to reaching agreement. NEWF recognizes the importance of motorized (and non-motorized) recreation and in providing places to play for interests. NEWFC created the Recreation Committee to address these issues including trail maintenance and construction of trails. Scott suggested that Lloyd speak to the Tri-county Motorized Recreation Coalition meeting which he agreed to do.

Meeting adjourned @ 3:15. Next meeting is October 23 rd.

Submitted by:

Tim Coleman, Secretary Lloyd McGee, President