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Board Meeting – August 8, 2006

Approved -- NEWFC Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

John Eminger (treasurer), Tania Ellerslick, Phil Aune, Dave Heflick, Lloyd McGee (president), Josh Anderson, Peter Griesmann, Tim Coleman (secretary), Ron Gray, Wes

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1. Approve Minutes

2. Creative Listening Session (Kempthorne meeting)

3. Taskforce Outreach Plan

4. Forest Plan Summit

5. Roadless Area petitioning

6. Kempthorne Community Listening Session

7. Coalition meeting attendance

1. Motion to approve minutes – Ron/Peter; unanimous

2. Lloyd met with Rick and talked about Malo East-Lake and Vulcan – Rick’s reply letter was read during earlier joint meeting with FS

3. Tim has prepared a draft Outreach Plan re marketing what is presumed to be a successful outcome of Colville plan negotiations. Education Committee is in process of reviewing/approving, includes media and economic study.

4. Forest Plan Summit will either reconvene Sept. 8 if Susan Virnig is not hired or 22 (or later) if she is hired. The later date is preferred by the Coalition

5. Russ, Rick Brazell and Mitch Friedman met with Gov. Gregoire’s staff Ron Judd and John Mankowski concerning NEWFC. Gregoire staff plan to attend next Summit meeting. Governor was going to announce roadless petition process in concert with planning meetings in mid-Sept. Meetings will be in Spokane , Sept. 19, and in Olympia Sept. 18. Gov. staff would like NEWFC to give presentation at both meetings. Tim will find out what time will be afforded us if we agree to accept this request. NEWFC needs to formulate plan.

6. Community Listening Session – Kempthorne meeting, 10 AM @ Convention Center. Five hour meeting with public. Press release will be prepared quoting Lloyd and sent to local press re NEWFC’s successful collaboration is a model for others to follow.

7. Coalition participation. Tania discussed possibility of bringing on additional resource people (biologist, hydrologist, etc) that could help the Coalition. How to get more additional people involved? We could post meeting schedules in advance. Need to do outreach.

Next meeting TBA.