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Board Meeting – August 21, 2008

NEWFC Board – Minutes – approved

August 21, 2008

NRCS Conference Room

Next NEWFC board meeting 9-18-08; SCCD

Attending board members & staff: Lloyd McGee (president), Jeff Juel, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); Ron Gray (treasurer); Steve West, David Heflick, Maurice Williamson, Russ Vaagen, Derrick Knowles

Absent Board Members: Phil Carew, Mike Petersen, Bob Playfair, Dick Dunton

Also attending: Commissioner Dean Cummins, John Eminger

-- Meeting commenced @ 11:10 PM


1. Hanlon Project

2. Old Business

3. Committee report

4. Wilderness collaborative

1. Hanlan Project

Mike, Jeff, Maurice and Phil will be plugged into this project. There have been some concerns raised. NEWFC has received a letter from the CNF asking if the coalition will collaborate on this project. Dean Cummins noted that Pend Oreille County owns about half of the lands around Hanlon and is concerned about management of Yocum Lake.

Motion: Dave motioned and Ron seconded to support NEWFC collaborating with the Forest Service on the Hanlon Project. (approved, unanimous)

2. Old Business

- 7-22-08 Minutes – Motion approved (Ron / Lloyd)

-Treasurer’s Report

Motion: Maurice moved and Tim seconded to accept Treasurer’s Report (unanimous)

3. Committee Report

A. Outreach Committee

The coalition had a successful Colville breakfast. Russ, Ron and Claudia met with Mike Eakins of KCVL. There is an insert about the coalition that will appear in next week’s rural newspapers.

B. Taskforce Committee

A list of agreements was passed around in June with the hope that agreement from the board could be achieved. A few board members were not present. We are looking for board agreement for these guidelines to be used as a vehicle to guide our collaborative processes. These are working guidelines and do contain flexibility to change if necessary.

Motion: Dave motioned and Tim seconded to approve Taskforce guidelines that determine which aspects of a project will or will not need to be collaborated on when working with ColvilleNational Forest. (unanimous)

The guidelines address the following:

  • old-growth thinning
  • regeneration harvest
  • commercial thinning

4. Wilderness collaboration – Lloyd will talk to Margaret about giving the Coalition time to explain how the coalition came to its balanced management proposal. There was lengthy discussion concerning Forest Service collaborative process being a first step to discuss balanced solutions. The coalition doesn’t expect the process to serve resolve issues surrounding wilderness. However, this is an opportunity to talk to people about starting a new collaborative recreation management group (NE WA Recreation Coalition. Dean expressed a willingness to participate in this group.

Meeting adjourned @ 5:03 PM

Tim Coleman, Secretary
Lloyd McGee, President