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Board Meeting – August 16, 2007

NEWFC Board Meeting

Meeting minutes – Approved

Next meeting September 13, 1 PM

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Tania Ellersick, Derrick Knowles, Tim Coleman (secretary), Bob Playfair, Ron Gray (treasurer), Dave Heflick, Steve West

Absent board members: Russ Vaagen, Mike Petersen, Maurice Williamson, Phil Carew

Attending public: Tommy Petrie, Marcus Riccelli, Mitch Friedman, Joel Merkel, Scott Nielson, Doug Seymour, Sue Lani Madsen

Minutes from July 24 th approved.

Tommy Petrie – Tommy has been contracted by NEWFC to work in PO and Stevens County to get feedback and discuss NEWFC’s blueprint. Derrick and Tommy visited with individuals in Bead Lake. Tommy communicated he is enthusiastic and supportive of the NEWFC objectives, blueprint, and process.

A report was given about Lorah Waters blueprint outreach. More outreach is planned.

Lloyd McGee proposed that NEWFC meet with the Colville Tribal Council regarding our blueprint landscape approach. Sen. Cantwell’s staff has set up a meeting with the Council and NEWFC has the opportunity to brief them on our blueprint.

Committee Updates

Project Comm: Malo-Eastlake project moving forward, will probably sell in November. One of the big challenges is coming to agreement on thinning in old growth. TLC is working on resolving these concerns. Issue of knowing if proposed roads will be permanent or temporary during the collaboration phase is also a challenge the coalition and CNF need to address. A major obstacle the FS faces is budget limitations. The coalition may need to do additional collaboration later once the proposed road situation is more clear to deal with this challenge.

Fire Planning Comm: Stevens County fire plan has identified WUI (phase 1) with coalition NFF grant. Summit Pierre TS is going to be a project that falls within the fire plan proposal. Avista made a 5K donation to the Coalition, which opened up matching NFF funds, to pay for the coalition’s fire plan work.

Finance Comm: See report from Ron. NFF grant funds will be used to hire an executive director—Tim working on job description, options will be discussed at next meeting.

Education Comm: committee had a call to discuss materials and next steps for coalition/blueprint outreach: letters, postcards, articles, web site revised, coalition/blueprint events in Ferry and Pend Oreille counties in September. The coalition is going to continue to meet with diverse community groups, individuals, and other stakeholders to inform them about the blueprint and take feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Merrill Ott and John Eminger stopped in at tail end of meeting. Merrill discussed some hesitation from County Commissioners regarding collaboration due to the difficulties that ensued during Forest Plan Revision Process – however Commissioners are interested in Proof of Concept. Committee members want to see stability for the region, doubtful that recreation would sustain the area, and sees public/private partnerships to assist in this.

Next Meeting September 13, Conservation District, time TBA.

Submitted by:

Tim Coleman, Secretary Lloyd McGee, President