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Board Meeting – July 25, 2006

Approved -- NEWFC Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

John Eminger (treasurer), Brian Reggear, Tania Ellerslick, Phil Carew, Gary Reeves, Phil Aune, Dave Heflick, Ron Gray, Debra Kollock, Lloyd McGee (president) , Josh Anderson, Peter Griesmann, Russ Vaagen (vice president), Tim Coleman (secretary)


Minutes approved from June meeting – Ron/John

1. Phil Aune presentation

2. Update

3. Forest Plan Taskforce subcommittee report

4. Website -- Debra Kollack

5. Financials


-- Meeting minutes from June 13 joint CNF/NEWFC meeting will be approved via email

1. Phil Aune presentation.

American Forest Resources Council (AFRC) has put emphasis on monitoring veg. management program, including recently Wenatchee-Okanogan & Colville plan revision. Phil has come out of retirement to represent AFRC regarding the plan revision. He believes coalitions are essential. Spent 37 with USFS, including FS research; retired, then 3 days later began work for CA Forestry Association. Has prior forest plan experience. He worked with Quincy Library Group – sees lots of similarities in NEWFC. He is solution oriented. AFRC doesn’t intend to interfere with NEWFC or LRMP collaboration. Lots of respect for what NEWFC is doing.

Re Quincy : problem was FS receptivity to plan. Took FS 5 years to begin to implement the plan. FS inserted a poison pill in plan revision following Sierra Nevada Assessment. Advice is set the first stage (with an agreement) and then secondly press for implementation. Quincy : 10-15K ac. Treated annually. Phil interpretation is the CNF isn’t in same situation as Quincy .

AFRC sent a 5-page letter to CNF making points about why FS timber program needs to ratchet up. Phil asked Lloyd to share the letter with the Coalition.

2. Update

A. Vulcan

Forest Service has delayed Vulcan until 2010.

B. Trout has been broken into two projects, one to be offered in 2006 and one in 2007. Since these projects are WUI / fuels reduction, NEWFC would like them moved up and implementation asap – fire risk reduction is critical.

C. Malo East is moving forward. 17K acres = 15 mmbf to be offered in 2007. This has become replacement volume and only 25 million board feet is planned for all projects in total for 2007.  If Malo-East Lakes volume was in addition, then 2007 would have a total volume of 40 million board feet.

D. Misery – half of sale to be offered in 2008 and half in 2009

Action: Lloyd will draft a letter to Rick requesting that CNF stick to their original sale timeline and that Vulcan be moved up to 2007 and find a way to make Malo-East Lakes Project added volume to 2007 instead of replacement volume. Letter will ask that these issues be discussed at the August 8 meeting (1 PM at Cons. Dist.). Also, express need to establish parameters for the next phase of Ferry fuels reduction, and implementation of designation by description / prescription.

3. Taskforce subcommittee

Forest Plan Committee has appointed a Taskforce Subcommittee to address forest plan allocations. Subcommittee will run everything through FPC concerning progress. Taskforce will circulate information/decisions, with responsibility of FPC to review and respond with input. Anticipate completion prior to reconvening of forest plan Summit . Initial product will be out by September 1. Expect Summit to reconvene sometime around September 8-11.

Local industry position is a willingness to recommend wilderness for certain areas provided there is support from other coalition members for industry needs. Conservation has “wish list” for wilderness and industry wants 80 mmbf/yr of timber – then there are “hardlines” re agency requirements for grizzly, lynx, wolverine, etc. Rural Technology Institute (RTI) will look at decadal timber volume outputs based on proposed prescriptions. Presently, we are working on formatting and getting our criteria correct. Derek Churchill (UW Masters grad) is providing tech. support. Dave, Maurice, Mike and Lloyd will providing input. Expect these inputs are 2-3 weeks out.

Also looking at goals and objectives for Responsible Management Area and Restoration Management Area. This information will we shared with full board. Off the table are mining and cattle grazing. Contentious issues: roads, old growth, regeneration harvest and IRA/WUI. FPC will make final determination. Counties demand regarding WUI must be taken into consideration – “rural” fireplan boundaries are more flexible.


Is it the Taskforce’s responsibility to get other communities interests involved? No, falls on Education Committee and Ex Com.

Need to bring in other stakeholders.

Action Item: Tim will draft up and Outreach Plan and vet within the Education Committee and then circulate the revised document for input to the full board.

4. Website

Debra Kollack, Steve Anthes and Peter Griessman are working on NEWFC website upgrade. Steve has volunteered to do design work, Debra will do content. Website is required by our Stevens fireplan grant. Debra has marketing background. Who is the audience? Audience includes people with 1) technical background, 2) county and state governments, 3) skeptics, 4) supporters, 5) students, 6) other collaboratives, 7) others. Deadline for upgrade is September 1. Need to focus on products vs. process. Need to keep relatively simple and attractive.

If anyone has websites you are familiar with that have good formats please forward those to Debra Kollock

5. Financial report. $1,201.33 in the bank. Written checks ($32K) to Stevens County for fire plan. Lloyd has asked for extension to complete Stevens CWPP. Need to track in-kind/financial contributions – if you have these please submit to John. NFF grant requires in-kind. We have $34K request into the RAC for monitoring.

Next meeting: Bi-monthly check-in meeting with CNF, August 8, 1pm @ Stevens Conservation District – please review Tania’s draft Task List (v.1) and be prepared to give updates and ask questions of the FS at this joint CNF/NEWFC meeting.