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Board Meeting – June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006 Board Meeting

Attending board and committee members: Tim Coleman, David Heflick, Lloyd McGee, Ron Gray, Russ Vaagen, Tania Ellersick Russ Larsen <no quorum>

Minutes from May 25 were not approved due to lack of a quorum

Review agenda

1. Vulcan assessment

2. Misery collaboration

3. Workshop or field tour

4. FPC Taskforce

5. Stewardship

6. Public outreach

7. Bank account

1. Vulcan. Unit with old growth concern will be set aside until July 25. Projects Committee will send a letter to the Forest Service. There are two actions: 1) first action is a conditional support except for OG unit; 2) response to FS response. Vote will be via email

2. Misery collaboration? Yes, Projects Committee will collaborate.

3. Workshops or field tour? Next workshop is the 300 Series specialists.

-- Do we need a workshop of CNF silviculturists/NEWFC to discuss what is a regen. harvest? Need to look at the whole range of treatments. Rick is asking us to make suggestions. A workshop may be more than is needed and might not be as effective. Agreement is to dovetail field visits with education.

4. NEWFC needs a task team to work on LMS and prescriptions. RAC dollars could help do some monitoring. Objective would be come up with a draft vision that incorporates treatments in advance of resumption of Summit. The taskforce will have a funded position that would be funded by Ponderay Newsprint and Vaagen Bros. RTI has the tools to do this. Holistic gathering of information will result in a better final assessment. Conservation and industry might each bring in outside consultants. Taskforce needs to be technically oriented.

5. Request to send a letter to Linda Goodman asking for Designation by Description (DbD). Need to talk about tons v. mmbf / weight scale fits into DbD

6. Peter is getting asked for NEWFC updates by the public. Debra will upload data (WSU); Steve Anthes will maintain the site. This should take care of keeping public informed

7. The account $33K in our bank account. Phase II Stevens Co. Fireplan has been approved. This provide more funding.

Next meeting July 11.