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Board Meeting – May 25, 2006


Next meeting, February 13, 1 PM, Stevens Conservation District

January 16, 2007

NEWFC Board Meeting – Minutes - Approved

Conservation District Conference Room

Attending: Lloyd (president), Tania, Dick, David, Tim (secretary), Mike, Maurice, Russ (v.p.), Ron, John E. (treasurer)

Approve Minutes from January 16 meetings (2 – joint CNF/NEWFC & NEWFC Board) – Approved (unanimous)


1. Grant writer

2. Forest Planning Update

3. Housekeeping

4. Committee Reports

4. Summit preparation; next steps for Blueprint (send to CNF, media)

5. DC update

1. Grant Writer:

Lloyd said Will Hamilton is considering opportunity, but no commitment. Tim checked with Gabriel Cruden who has experience and is willing to do the work. Will we pay 10% based on success. Some concerns: other schools of thought are paying for service regardless of success. Next steps are to determine next grant cycles – Lloyd will check.

2. Lloyd has submitted high level of approval letter to CNF for Vulcan (moving up to June 07). Vulcan is moved up to summer 07. Also sent in Lower & Upper Wolf.

3. Housekeeping-- a) Jackknife/Roundtop (Chewelah Peak) Lloyd will check with Fred Way about $20K grant -- Merrill is looking into it; Dick drew up expense bill based on cost accrual; Jackknife got included in Ferry Co. plan; Stevens Co. got approved by commissioners;. Rick has approved $32K grant from RAC for monitoring in Ferry County. b) Stevens Conservation District has been doing grant administration (Charley Kessler) for the Stevens County Fire Plan. We may also want to take the same approach with Ferry Conservation District for the new $32K Ferry County monitoring RAC grant. c) We have received $16K NFF matching funds and also $12,450 NFF awaiting a match – Lloyd is looking into this. Stevens County Fire Plan is moving on.

4. Committee Updates

Fire Planning - $32K out of $47.5K has been spent. Phase 1 was north half ; south half time was charged to this grant because that was necessary to complete N Half. Still $25K remaining ($12,450 NFF matching and $12,450 private donation need to the NFF match) of that grant. Stevens County has National Fire Plan money ($40-50K) to complete the Fire started by the coalition. Lloyd has chronological documentation of expenditures/work products.

Finance Committee

John handed out P&L statement. Not sure where the master business license is -- looking into it.

5. DC update:

Tim, Russ and Mitch went to Washington, DC in early January to discuss NEWFC Blueprint. General response was very positive. More work will be necessary but high level of support for what we are doing re our NEWFC Blueprint. Resources staff offered to help if we run into problem with projects.

6. Summit update:

Summit is January 20. FS is going to look at alternative designations to wilderness. This would run contrary to NEWFC Blueprint. We need to convey to Summit participants that our Blueprint is a “balanced” approach to forest management and needs to stay intact.

Next meeting, February 13, 1 PM, Stevens Conservation District