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Board Meeting – May 21, 2009

NEWFC Board – Minutes (approved 6-16-09)

NRCS Conference Room

Next NEWFC board meeting June 16 – Annual meeting

Attending board members & staff: Lloyd McGee (president), Jeff Juel, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); David Heflick, Dick Dunton, Maurice Williamson, Ron Gray (treasurer), Bob Playfair (a quorum was present)

Absent Board Members: Steve West, Mike Petersen, Phil Carew, Derrick Knowles, Russ Vaagen

Public attending: Ryan Gordon, Angela Mallon, Caroline Meyer, Chuck Gaddis,


1. Minutes from last meeting reviewed

2. Treasurer Report

3. Education and Public Relations Committee

4. OSU student visit

5. Executive Committee Report

6. Annual Meeting

7. Disabled Hunters Grant

8. Klamath Falls Meeting

9. Projects Committee update


1. Minutes – draft minutes were handed out from the April 16 meeting

Motion: Maurice motioned to approve January minutes with corrections; Ron seconded (approved - unanimous)

2. Treasurer report was handed out by Ron Gray. Bank balance is $4,903.78. An internal audit of our books was completed by Terry Coleman. He recommends that from this point forward the minutes indicate whether there is a quorum or not.

Motion: Maurice motioned and David seconded to approve the Treasurer Report (approved, unanimous)

3. Educational & Public Relations Committee

EPRC met April 29 in Colville to review near term objectives. Statesman-Examiner and Smallwood News carried a news clip about NEWFC that the Committee submitted. Tim proposed the Coalition co-organize a rancher field trip in late June early July to look at an allotment or two in the Kettle Crest and Selkirks. The board agreed to proceed with helping organize this event.

There is a June 2 field tour with Ranger John Bueller to look at the Misery Lake Timber Sale.

Motion: Bob motioned and Ron seconded to approve NEWFC organizing a rancher permittees field tour this summer (unanimous)

4. Oregon State U. student visit

Three students met with the board to discuss their film project. OSU students Angela, Ryan and Caroline gave a brief description of their project. Students are looking at partnerships between community organizations like NEWFC and state & federal land management agencies across a broad range of site in the US. A project goal is to construct a video demonstrating what makes collaborative partnerships successful.

5. Executive Committee Report

The coalition was asked to give a presentation to the Eastern Washington Council of Governments May 29 to discuss NEWFC budget and financial records but since Lloyd hasn’t been given any firm time commitment or meeting location from EWCOG his participation is still uncertain.

6. Annual Meeting

Mary Wagner has been invited and plan is to give CNF an award. Todd Strobel, Colville HS, has the capacity to engrave on any medium the Coalition supplies for this award. This event will be at the Colville City Park – Claudia will make reservations.

7. Disabled Hunter Grant

The EA is not done and apparently this project will not be done until Oct 1. This is troubling since NEWFC promised project donors and hunters it would be done by September 1. We will follow up with the CNF to see if this project can be moved to completion sooner perhaps by issuance of a CE. Dave and Jeff are working with Jim McGowan and Jim Parker to investigate a potential to expedite.

8. Klamath Falls meeting

Lloyd reported on his and Mike Petersen’s experience speaking to Forest Service district rangers in Klamath Falls. He felt it was worthwhile and that his message about NEWFC’s success working collaboratively with the Forest Service was well received.

9. Projects Committee Update

-Geophysical NEPA is almost completed.

-Hanlon - Amy Dillion is NEPA coordinator. Concerns with Unit #11 – field check will take place after marking is completed.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:30 PM