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Board Meeting – May 17, 2007

Next meeting, Joint NEWFC-CNF meeting, June 14, 1-3PM, Stevens Conservation District -- this will be followed by NEWFC Board meeting 3-5 PM and Annual Meeting – location TBA

May 17, 2007

Draft - NEWFC Board Meeting - Minutes

Vaagen Bros. Conference Room

Attending: Lloyd (president), Dick, David, Josh Marshall, Maurice, Tim (secretary), Derrick, Phil Carew, John Davenport


1. Approve Minutes

2. Annual Meeting

3. Board Make-up / survey / Ex Com Taskforce

4. NFF operations grant

5. Model Forest Outcomes

6. Committee Reports

1. Approve meetings ( 4-19-07) – Approved (unanimous Dick/Tim)

2. Annual Meeting. Last time we had our annual meeting was July 2005. Proposal is to hold an annual meeting and elect/re-elect a slate of board members and officers. Lloyd proposed having this meeting following our June 14 meeting. This could be a barbecue or pot-luck. A committee of Lloyd, Derrick, Jasmine and Josh will help work out the details. Details will be announced.

3. Board Make-up / survey / Ex Com Taskforce. Want to explore adding new board members. A representative from Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation was mentioned. Need to review our Bylaws to assess whether their definition of the executive director position meets the needs of the NEWFC Board. We are a board-driven organization and our Bylaws need to reflect that fact.

Motion: Tim – Dick second. Ex Com will meet and discuss board composition and develop and survey the current board and report back to the full board prior to the June 14 meeting. Approved

4. NFF operations grant. National Forest Foundation reported to Lloyd that NEWFC can only apply for its “first CAP” grant of $15K for administration rather than NFF’s mid-level CAP grant which is $35K because we don’t have an executive director. The Executive Committee will work on drafting a job description and will bring it to the June board meeting. $31K from Resource Advisory Council for Deadman Timber Sale monitoring and $20K for Jackknife fuels-reduction monitoring. Potential is to change this to Malo-Eastlake. Proposal is to monitor before and after, implementation monitoring. Lloyd will send in proposal by the end of May. Project Committee will refine monitoring protocols

5. Model Forest Outcomes. Colville National Forest has been named a model forest and “Proof of Concept” in-part because of NEWFC involvement. CNF will have a fixed budget that is not subject to year-to-year budget fluctuations. County commissioners are developing a process for querying public for their input. Commissioners asked if MOU was just for forest planning. Rick said yes. Commissioners then asked for an additional MOU regarding individual projects.

6. Committee Reports:

A. Forest Projects Committee

The committee is working with Misery Lake, FS doing an EA. Working on Malo-East Lake Project. Misery will be regeneration harvest and Malo-E/L will be thinning. Issue is how many trees per acre will be retained, Misery is controversial. Lloyd has spoken with Tom Pawley about doing a field tour.

B. Recreation Committee

Good turn-out for the April meeting – Craig Newman (CNF) was there to explain current Colville travel planning. Good representation from all non-motorized and motorized recreation groups. Committee has formed a Motorized Subcommittee to help develop a forest travel management proposal for motorized recreation. A non-motorized proposal is also being developed. Committee would like to implement NEWFC recommendation to match up trail maintenance and construction with stewardship projects. Misery or Vulcan may be a possibilities. This issue will be brought up in the June meeting with the CNF.

C. Education Committee

Tim will pull together and Education Committee meeting. Since Peter left the committee hasn’t been active but there is need to do outreach regarding our forest management strategy and other projects.

D. Forest Planning Committee – Taskforce

The Taskforce continues to work on prescriptions covering a broad range of forest conditions.

E. Fire Planning Committee

Northwest Management was hired to do Stevens County community fire plan (CWPP) and first meeting was May 2 nd. Clay White is administering grants and needs more level of detail. County wants to continue GIS. Dick is working on an interim report for NFF. Final plan may not be done until spring 2008. NEWFC was doing all county lands adjacent federal lands.

Next meeting, Joint NEWFC-CNF meeting, June 14, 1-3PM, Stevens Conservation District -- this will be followed by NEWFC Board meeting 3-5 PM and Annual Meeting – location TBA