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Board Meeting – April 22, 2008

NEWFC Board Meeting – Minutes

April 22, 2008

NRCS Conference Room

Next meeting à May 20 – next NEWFC board meeting, 1 pm SCCD

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Tania Ellersick, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); David Heflick; Ron Gray (treasurer); Dick Dunton; Derrick Knowles; Maurice Williamson; Steve West; Bob Playfair

Absent Board Members: Gary Reeve, Phil Carew, Mike Petersen, Russ Vaagen

Other participants: Phil Aune, Ted Wishon, Hanne Beener, Russ Larsen, Scott Nielson, Candace Hultberg

-- Meeting commenced @ 11:10 AM


1. Review & approve minutes

2. Treasurer’s report

3. Old Business

4. Committee Reports

1. Minutes approved – unanimous (Dick motioned; Maurice seconded)

2. Treasurer’s report was handed out by Ron with a brief description of expenditures / income. Current balance is $6061.33

Motion: To approve payments to Stevens Co. Conservation District and Dick Dunton in the sum of $1718.24 each. Maurice moved; Tim seconded (Motion carried with one abstention (Dick)).

Motion: To approve Treasurers Report. Motion to approve Maurice / Steve -- (unanimous).

3. Old Business

a. Bylaw Revisions

Section 5.6 -- voting process – there is a concern about departing from the current consensus voting process. What happens if you have one dissenting vote that after several votes is not resolvable? Should our president be able to suspend the consensus voting process?

Mike has raised objections about departing from consensus voting. Maurice offered examples of alternative voting processes, including a separate minority report or voting by caucus. Concerns were raised regarding our coalition working well following our agreed upon Ground Rules. Our current coalition communication is much better than at any time in our history. If we run into an impasse while voting, does that mean we have not considered an issue to the extent necessary?

Motion: To approve removal of Roberts Rules of Order where it directs voting within the By-Laws; Secs. 3.2 & 3.4 and excepting Section 5.6 (c) para.3 for which a decision shall be deferred until a future vote. Tim / David – passed unanimously.

b. Cattleman’s Association

A presentation to Stevens County Cattleman’s meeting in December generated some questions. During a second presentation given to Ferry Cattleman’s Association in January similar questions were raised. A letter of response from the Coalition answering these questions was sent to both organizations in March. In addition, NEWFC is participating in an Independent Grazing Study Group to assess potential impacts of wilderness management to grazing allotments.

Three study group meetings have been held and another is being planned. The Forest Service, Wayne Madsen, NEWFC and several grazing permittees have participated in the process. Ted expressed appreciation for the work of the study group and for its continuing investigations. Tim distributed NEWFC’s grazing handout about wilderness management and its actual impact to permittees to the board and guests. A discussion followed regarding forest plan revisions including wilderness recommendations and how they might impact grazing allotments and allotment management plan renewal. NEWFC wants answers. Ted suggested that more ranchers needed to get involved in the study group.

c. Monitoring Grant

Dick handed out a draft document – NEWFC monitoring/Collaboration Title II Grant – which outlines monitoring and collaborative standards to be followed in achieving grant requirements. Dick described changes that were made to the document and he thanked Tania for her assistance as well as Brett Winterowd. Ferry County Conservation District was asked to participate in this process, however, they decided to decline to participate at this time. Tania explained that the standards departed from diameter caps and that our objective is to monitor implementation of what CNF said they would do – essentially implementation effectiveness.

Motion: Ron motioned to approve the monitoring protocols for the Title II Grant.. Tim seconded. (unanimous)

d. Disabled Hunters grant

We received $7K (total $51K w/match) for the proposed Disabled Hunter trails. Current timeline is to have trails open by September. Grant requirements include one or more field tours with disabled hunters. Twelve to fourteen routes are to be inspected with goal to create one route in each of the three Tri-County area. Field trips are being scheduled for May. NEPA will be required. In June 1-3 field days will take place with volunteers helping to develop trails. Trails will only be open to disabled hunters using motorized equipment and to foot traffic for all others. Some additional media work will be done. When the routes are completed the CNF will have 50% of the disabled hunter routes in Washington. The grant requirement is to have a link to the coalition website – Tim will take that on. Claudia explained that there are three things the board needs to approve: 1) a board member to lead, 2) Claudia needs approval process to purchase materials and equipment as needed, and 3) approval for Lloyd to enter into an agreement with Stevens County Conservation District. Dave Bostick (CNF) will survey hunters who use the trails.

Motion: Move to approve 1) Derrick as NEWFC coordinator for this project, 2) NEWFC executive director and treasurer to purchase materials and equipment as needed, not to exceed amounts listed in the grant, and 3) authorizing Lloyd to enter into an agreement to administer grants fund and other work with Stevens County Conservation District. Motioned Dick; seconded Maurice -- unanimous

3. Committee Reports

a. Education & Public Relations Committee

The committee met in April, agreeing to a mission statement and reviewing a list of objectives for 2008. The committee will set up a face-to-face joint meeting with executive committee to review 2008 objectives and gain approval for implementing NEWFC outreach plan. Committee members helped develop a press release for the recent Tri-county forestry summit and participated in development of disabled hunter piece that was a front-page story in the Statesman-Examiner.

b. Finance Committee

A Treasurer’s report was presented earlier.

c. Forest Plan Committee

No report. Committee chairs were absent

d. Projects Committee

Committee members gave a medium level of support to Misery Lakes Project. Work continues on Malo-East Lake Project – there are 15 LOS units in this project and the committee is still grappling with LOS issues though it has reached agreement on 11 of the 15 units. Delay in sale completion is due to CNF internal problems and not NEWFC concerns. Lloyd feels that considerable progress has been made regarding LOS. David explained agreements committee members have reached regarding thinning in old growth forest units, agreeing to 25% retention in OG units (with lost volume made up in thinned portions of those stands) but the CNF is balking at agreeing to this level of retention. Committee is beginning to look at Hamlin Creek Project.

e. Recreation Committee

Derrick introduced Candace Hultberg, NEWFC’s new Americorp volunteer. Candace will be working on the Disabled Hunter Trail, stewardship monitoring field tours, some county fairs and trail projects. The full committee has not met since November. Proposal is to schedule a committee meeting in the next month. Members of the committee met with CNF about Pierre Summit trail proposal, but because this project is a HFRA project it might not be a good first example of an integrated resource management / trail project.

f. Task Force Committee

A committee meeting is in the works in the near term. Issues to be addressed include Pulp & Fuels projects and LOS definitions (currently this is 8 tpa >21”).

Next board meeting is May 20, 1 pm SCCD.