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Board Meeting – April 19, 2007

Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition – Board Minutes – Approved

April 19, 2007

Board meeting: Heflick, Derrick Knowles, Ron Gray, Russ Larson, Mike Petersen, Tania Ellersick, Russ V., Lloyd, Jasmine, Scott Nielsen, Maurice Williamson

Approval of minutes : Ron 2, Mike 1, approved.

NEWFC treasurer : Ron Gray volunteers. Mike 1, Russ v 2, approved

Grant Proposal : NFF: MP reports that he applied for $15k CAP grant for part time administrator. Later, mp found that there is also a mid-capacity grant (35k) mp wants to see if we are eligible for. MP is Questioning NFF as to whether we can switch the request at this point and apply for the mid-capacity grant. Can’t get both. It’s one or the other. Both these grants are over a 2 year period. Some of the money would have to be used for expenses—2 or 3 k.

This person would be more of an administrator/facilitator position than a director position.

Need to develop a job description—can start with the description that was used in the grant app.

Lloyd is also working on monitoring grant – title 2. This will be administered in conjunction with the earlier grant that created a lot of problems. Goes from 30k to 52 k overall proposal for the both of them. Perhaps the admin assistant could help administer this program.

Forest plan and NEWFC blueprint campaign :

Task Force : Nothing to report. Progress continues.

Project committee :

Reported on Malo collaboration: potential hotspots are ECA, OG. Number of proposed new construction is reduced to 2.5 with 15 miles of potential decommission.

Lloyd reports on money issue related to Malo. At next meeting with CNF, let’s get it on the agenda. In the meantime, Lloyd will send a letter to Rick asking for an accounting of the money. It’s better to try to get it straightened out internally before going to politicos.

Tania reports on Misery: Positive is that a better working relationship has been established with the district. Maurice has submitted the most recent negotiated proposal re regen to district and is seeking Amy Dillon’s response.

Recreation Committee : Derrick reports on potential of NEWFC getting involved in last part of phase 2. Wants to expand NEWFC non-m proposal to motorized as well. Next meeting is the 26 th at 6 PM. Craig is coming to talk at the next one. Discussion of moving the work to larger audience. Indications that we want to start out small and make sure we get the right people before we try to do much expanding.

Fire Planning Committee : Phase 1—identification of the WUI-- of Stevens is wrapping up. A bit short on funding right now, due to NFF grant complications. Phase 2 funding comes from a different grant, and addresses the private land portion and FEMA. CNF can use phase 1 data already for developing projects—such as 49 north and Summit .

Next meeting May 17. 1-3 pm.