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Board Meeting – March 13, 2007

Next meeting, April 17 -- 1-3 PM, joint meeting with Forest Service -- 3-5 pm - NEWFC Board meeting. Location: Stevens Conservation District

March 13, 2007

Draft Revised - NEWFC Board Meeting - Minutes

Conservation District Conference Room

Attending: Lloyd (president), Dick, David, Ron, Maurice, Tania, Mike, John E., Tim, Jasmine Minbashian, Russ Larsen, Jay Berube, Derrick Knowles

Approve meetings ( 2-13-07) – Approved (unanimous Dick/Mike)


1. Grants

2. McMorris meeting

3. Commissioner Meeting

4. Committee Updates

5. Economic Report

6. Blueprint

1. Grants & opportunities. $32K RAC ( Ferry County) grant for monitoring and monitoring protocol and collaboration; for Deadman and Malo- East Lake projects. NEWFC hasn’t used any of the funds granted to us. We also have a $20K RAC ( Stevens County) grant to create jackknife and Roundtop fire plans. We didn’t receive the funds but we’ve been wrangling with FS to get the money. Sheila Walker (FS) says if we take Title II funds ($32K) and show some additional benefits and attach those to the $20K RAC to create one project this will pass muster. Options for additional projects: 1) S. Deep monitoring, 2) guidebook (harvest prescriptions and monitoring guidelines), 3) and recreation infrastructure planning.

Motion: Take $20K from Jackknife/Roundtop RAC grant and use to develop & test monitoring protocols in Stevens County (Mike/Ron). Motion passed unanimously.

A. Mary Mitsos from the National Forest Foundation contacted Lloyd about submitting a $15K matching grant proposal to NFF, by April 15. Mike volunteered to work with Lloyd on the grant. This would support NEWFC administration.

2. Forest Service - Forest Planning Summit. Mike identified problems with Forest Service documentation from Summit meeting. Specifically, Forest Service notes “what we learned” state there wasn’t support for wilderness, when in fact the opposite occurred during the voting process. There was majority support – there just wasn’t concensus. The board agreed to add this issue to the letter to be submitted to the Forest Plan Revision Team. David agreed to spearhead this action. Lloyd will talk to commissioners about our Blueprint first, however.

3. Committee Updates

A. Recreational Committee: Motorized, non-motorized and conservation will jointly chair our recreation committee. John E. and Derrick have been co-chairing, but John is stepping aside. Committee has brought together motorized and non-motorized recreation to create a forest-wide recreation proposal. Objective to dovetail with NEWFC Projects Committee to get new trails built and old trails maintained, and create a non-motorized and motorized recreation trail system. Members of the committee have been working with Forest Service during its recreation planning process while promoting its own proposal. The need was addressed to replace John E. with another NEWFC Board representative.

Motion: Derrick Knowles is added to the board of directors in order to represent the Board in Recreational Committee planning. (Tim/Ron, unanimous)

-- John E. officially resigned his treasurer position, board position, and co-chair positions of the Fire Plan Committee, Finance Committee and Recreation Committee, however he will continue to be a member of the coalition. We are looking for someone to volunteer for this position or offer the services of someone to do our accounting. 

-- Discussion about hiring an executive director. Tim, Russ and Lloyd will draft up a job description for a NEWFC executive director position.

B. Fire Planning Committee

Dick handed out a paper listing acreages for fire districts within Stevens County – 218,000 acres in WUI. All Hazard Risk FPA / RFP will close at the end of the month. We may have a completed report that meets grant requirements but that commissioners might see as incomplete because it’s not complete CWPP. Working through this.

C. Project Committee – reported earlier during committee meeting which preceded board meeting.

4. Russ goes to Washington. Russ testified to House Natural Resources Committee. His testimony was greeted with enthusiasm and there was positive dialogue with committee members.

5. Economic Report – draft full report has been sent to the NEWFC Ex Com. Tim will send it out to the Advisory Group on Friday, 3-16, for their feedback. The final study will be produced/published by mid-May.

Next meeting. April 19 – 3-5 PM, Stevens Conservation District