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Board Meeting – February 19, 2008

NEWFC Board Meeting – Approved –Minutes

February 19, 2008

NRCS Conference Room

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Tania Ellersick, Tim Coleman (secretary); Phil Carew, Mike Petersen; Claudia Michalke (executive director); David Heflick; Ron Gray (treasurer); Russ Vaagen (vice-president)

Absent Board Members: Derrick Knowles, Steve West, Maurice Williamson, Bob Playfair, Gary Reeve

Other participants: Phil Aune, Ted Wishon, John Eminger, Lloyd Odell, Sue-Lani Madsen, Brett Winterowd

-- Meeting commenced @ 11:10 AM


1. Review & approve minutes

2. Treasurer’s report

3. Old Business

1. Minutes approved - unanimous

2. Treasurer’s report was handed out. Current balance is $6,231.33.

3. Old Business

a. Grants

Q. Any upcoming grant prospects?

A. Lloyd spoke with Mary Mitchell about possible monitoring grants. Also need to look into reapplying for grant funds for Claudia’s position – need to check on increasing that grant since we now have an executive director.

Q. Have we received disabled hunter access grant?

A. We should know by the end of the month – there is a cash match and several commitments in that regard have been made.

b. Flanking forest, draft letter to Becki Heath and IPNF supervisor

The letter was created to address overlapping management, ie roadless areas and adjacent blueprint management areas. Margaret Hartzell has said it is policy that adjoining forests be managed similarly (same management areas) – ie. Okanogan like the Colville. This is an opportunity to open dialogue – not to expand NEWFC. Capacity is an issue – NEWFC has a lot of challenges with the Colville. We aren’t proposing to expand NEWFC though groups represented on our board will be engaged if and when such processes occur. We need to include a map along with our letter. Let’s see how flanking forest supervisors react and respond as necessary.

Motion: Send the flanking forest (Okanogan and Kaniksu) letter with revised road policy and map with three-zones to Wenatchee-ONF supervisor and IPNF forest supervisor, county commissioners and Regional Foresters Motion / second: Mike / Ron. Approved unanimously

c. Bylaw changes

Executive Committee reviewed and revised old Bylaws (2003). Some of the changes include: to clean up grammar, revise meeting dates (from winter to summer), board members are separated from technical advisory members, board member removal, etc. A minimum or maximum number of board members was not set, though some board members felt a number should be set. The board agreed to set a maximum number of 15 (Sec. 2.1(a)).

Board voting: discussion about some irregularities. Voting protocols are different in 2.5, 4.7 and 5.6(b) and need to be clarified – need to clarify “consensus of the quorum.” Officer election and removal requires two-thirds of quorum of board members. Roberts Rules of Order does not address consensus voting. Also need to look at balance of executive committee membership (industry, conservation, etc.). (5.1) Monthly meetings need to add “or at the discretion of the executive committee” to provide more flexibility to monthly meeting schedule. (5.4 & 5.11) NEWFC is a non-profit and not subject to Washington Open Meetings law. (3.4) Committee chairs must be a board member. Need to include date of incorporation included. Also look at proxy voting. The issue of “consensus” decision making process was raised – would this always be possible?

The executive committee will further refine Bylaws – please send additional comments to Claudia.

d. Tri-County Forest Summit

Commissioner Blankenship is organizing a forestry summit. The purpose of the meeting is get input from as many groups as possible. Blankenship has reached out to user groups across the area. He wants comments to focus on three key questions: 1) how has the 1988 forest plans met your group’s needs; 2) what is your group’s needs now, and 3) what are your future needs?

Is this an opportunity to have handouts available? A handout with a map would be helpful – and a larger format map should be available to show more detail, including motorized and non-motorized trails. The Colville Forest staff plan to participate and want to make this meeting positive and productive. NEWFC will request that minutes taken during the meeting will be shared with the Coalition.

-- 12:50 PM adjourned for Forest Service meeting; 3:40 PM reconvened

e. Board Retreat

Proposal is to hold an all-day board retreat at Chewelah Peak Learning Center. Agenda items will include review of the Blueprint and area-by-area assessment of Inventoried Roadless Areas; wilderness definitions; recreation planning and coordinated blueprint marketing. Possible date for all-day retreat – is Tuesday, March 11; 9 AM – 4 PM. Proposal was to invite Commissioner Friedman.

f. Recreation Map

John and members of the board will meet with Stevens County commissioners to discuss a draft map (prepared by CNW) of proposed motorized and non-motorized recreation play areas to be sent to John E. and Lloyd.