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Board Meeting – February 13, 2007

Next meeting, March 13, 3-5 PM, Stevens Conservation District

February 13, 2007

Revised- NEWFC Board Meeting – Approved Minutes

Conservation District Conference Room

Attending: Lloyd (president), Dick, David), Russ (v.p.), Ron, John E. (treasurer), Phil, Tim (secretary; visiting: Jasmine Minbashian, Russ Larsen

Approve meetings ( 1-16-07) – Approved (unanimous)


1. Monitoring Grant

2. Master Business Plan

3. Committee Updates

4. Economic Report

5. Blueprint

1. Monitoring grant. Stevens Conservation District will administer grant accounting. This is RAC funding ($32K) for monitoring in Ferry County fuels-reduction project. Need to develop monitoring protocols and then contract with conservation district to administer grant and hire workforce to carry out project.

2. Master Business Plan. Administrative issues are the biggest need of NEWFC. Need to talk with Ferry County Conservation District about grant administration. Action: Tim will make contact with Conservation District administrator and report back to board.

3. Committee Updates

A. Fire Planning Committee: Dick has talked with Clay White about Stevens County All Hazards Mitigation Plan. The RFP for the AHMP and CWPP will be out for advertisement ( sent Feb 16). Dick is still working on the CWPP, with information  available  for  RFP bidders.. About half of the Fire Chiefs have identified priority concern areas on the CWPP map.

B. Recreation Committee. John E. and Derrick Knowles (CNW) are co-chairing. Derrick has gotten motorized and non-motorized recreation people to participate. Craig Newman from CNF came to the last meeting to talk about travel management strategy. 4-WD association, hikers, backcountry horseman, ATV and snowmobile interests were there. John gives updates about NEWFC projects so the committee is aware of broader activities. There is a need to engage recreationists in NEWFC project analysis.

ACTION: Projects Committee (David as chair) needs to add to their project screening process to factor in and include recreation needs, including maintenance and construction of trails and parking needs. A map of upcoming projects should be vetted with John E. and Derrick Knowles so they can bring it to the committee’s attention at their regular meeting, otherwise we may be overlooking a critical part of our Blueprint strategy.

Travel management strategy is currently the big focus. CNF process is too limited and needs to be expanded to all recreation; CNF is willing to consider our concerns. NEWFC interest is combining recreation trial needs with stewardship projects. P.O. County projects (Misery and Conger) would fit perfectly but FS doesn’t want to engage because it’s too late on the process. Need for connector routes for trials on public land. Letters of endorsement will be needed and board approved Executive Committee oversight of this.

We need to recruit recreation people to be on our board.

C. Forest Project Committee

Malo-East Lake. Meeting has been set Feb 27, 5 pm, Malo Grange. NEWFC raised $480K for Malo-East, Kettle Face and Sherman Corridor projects – we have a vested interest in seeing them turn out well. Need to identify people in each of the three project areas who are knowledgeable about the land and get them to play a lead role in these meetings. Commissioner Miller has urged FS to meet individually but as a group with land owners from the three project areas. Lloyd will need to talk to Linda Fee and discuss this issue.

ACTION: Lloyd will contact Brad Miller to see what he wants to happen. If Brad still wants three separate meetings, Lloyd will set up a meeting with Linda Fee, that Brad and Dave will attend in order to get FS to change dates and focus.

4. Economic Report – draft “baseline” report is out and has been sent to business community Advisory Group for review. Comments received have helped improve the study. Two additional chapters will look at timber and wilderness. Expect completion of final draft by the end of March.

5. Blueprint – we’ve identified the need to get our official NEWFC Blueprint comments and map in to Margaret Hartzell (forest plan revision leader) by early March.

Next meeting, March 13 , 3-5 PM, Stevens Conservation District