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Board Meeting – December 12, 2006

Approved NEWFC Board Meeting

NOTE: Next Meeting – January 16, 2006

NEWFC Board Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Conservation District Conference Room

December 12, 2006

Attending: Lloyd (president), Tania, David, Tim (secretary), Phil Carew, John E. (treasurer), Russ (vice pres.)


1. Blueprint discussions

2. Website update

3. Jackknife Roundtop

4. Blueprint roll-out

5. Grant Writer

6. Recreation Working Group

-- Motion to approve 11-10-06 minutes; John/David, unanimous


1. Discussion re timber industry support for wilderness; conservation concern is that they have supported timber harvests but wilderness seems to move slowly (or not at all). We’ve got our “Blueprint” and key to building confidence in it is to move active timber management. NEWFC has an open process, we expect that people will honestly lay their “cards” on the table and if that doesn’t happen it corrupts our open process. Discussion re language used to describe RMA regeneration cuts -- “Harvest openings” is a better term than “regen harvest” --the latter is interpreted as “clearcut” by some.

2. New Website is up and running. Tim will send link to the board.

3. Jackknife/Roundtop. Fred Way (Three Rivers) has undertaken oversight. $20K on the table. Need to ask Dick Dunton if he will make a call to Fred Way to confirm work NEWFC has done. May need to talk to Cathy McMorris.

4. Deadman monitoring and Malo-East Lakes -- $32,500 grant from RAC. Need to talk with Fred Way about this as well.

4. Grant Writer. Tim has talked to Gabriel Cruden – he has expressed some interest. Dave Reins is also a possibility. Need someone to do accounting, scheduling, and help raise funds for monitoring and projects. Will Hamilton has expressed some interest.

5. Blueprint – when we complete will need to broaden public outreach, media, etc. and send to Forest Planning Team. Consensus is there is a need to do a mandatory board check-in before anything gets sent to the Forest Service. There may be some divergence. Meetings to update Rep. McMorris and Senator Murray and Cantwell are needed. Also need to brief Rick Brazell and county commissioners.

Next Meeting – January 16, 2006 – Time and location to be announced