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NEWFC Board – Minutes – Approved

November 20, 2008

NRCS Conference Room 

Next NEWFC board meeting at SCCD

Attending board members & staff: Lloyd McGee (president), Jeff Juel, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); Russ Vaagen (vice president);
David Heflick, Dick Dunton

Absent Board Members: Bob Playfair, Derrick Knowles, Steve West,
Mike Petersen, Maurice Williamson, Ron Gray

Also attending: Russ Larsen

-- Meeting commenced @ 1:15 PM


1. Minutes approved

2. Old Business

3. Committee reports

1. Minutes – Russ motioned to approve and Jeff seconded (approved – note Derrick Knowles voted via phone)

2. Old Business

A. Treasurer’s report – balance is $8,463.78. Claudia handed out a report. New process working with Colville NF has really improved turn-around time re billing. Is there any tax benefit in having expenses billed in December versus January? No. Motion by Dick to approve, Russ seconded. Approved (Derrick via cell phone).

3. Public Comment Period

There were no public comments presented.

4. Grant Reports

- Monitoring grant: Dick handed out a Draft Final Report, Ferry & Stevens County Stewardship Project Monitoring and Adaptive Management. A discussion followed regarding adaptive management and future monitoring needs including specified plot location and photo points – still unsure what format will work best – there are 404 plots in Bangs Mountain and 300+ in Burnt Valley. There is still a requirement to put together a Powerpoint presentation – Tim will pull a draft together once he has received photos &data from Dick.

Action: The Outreach Committee will construct a Powerpoint presentation – Dick will send Tim a CD of photo before & after.

- Future Projects: Claudia brought up that Title II grant opportunities will be upcoming shortly – do we want to apply for another project? Lloyd suggested we bring up this question during our December joint CNF/NEWFC meeting and have a discussion.

Action: Claudia will add an agenda item to the agenda of the bi-monthly joint meeting of the December 18, CNF/NEWFC regarding potential monitoring projects.

- Disabled Hunter Grant: a benefits survey form has been reviewed and approved by the Forest Service and will be sent to registered hunters with a request to return this form by end of year. The Stevens County Conservation District will send out this survey to about 175 disabled hunters. Matching funds: Colville VFW donated $250 in matching funds. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation sent a grant application to Claudia and she will fill it out.

- US Endowment: NEWFC’s grant proposal has been denied. Discussion followed concerning successful proposals and parameters. Claudia will call US Endowment grant officer and ask for their advice regarding our grant proposal to help improve future applications.

5. Forestry Projects

Re: Summit/Pierre. Dave was on a call this morning with CNF and regarding Stand Density Index. FS is targeting for fire reduction while NEWFC’s emphasizes stand growth. Hanlon Project: challenges are grizzly bear management unit in a checkerboard landscape (public/private industrial), road density and prior harvest activity, 200 acre regeneration moving window, working with Kalispel Tribe, etc. Do we want to collaborate re Kettle Face? Yes.

Chuck Gades will be replacing Rick DeAngelo as a representative from Stimson.

Lloyd suggested we invite VIPs to attend the December 18 meeting at the Kalispel Tribal Wellness Center – a rough list of invitees was developed.

Action: Claudia will take charge of sending out invites. Russ will invite News-Miner editor.

Meeting adjourned @ 3 PM

Tim Coleman, Secretary Lloyd McGee, President