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Board Meeting – November 20, 2007

Minutes, (approved)

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee(president), Tania Ellersick, Tim Coleman (secretary); Dick Dunton, Derrick Knowles; Claudia Michalke (executive director); Russ Vaagen (vice-president); Phil Carew, David Heflick

Absent Board Members: Mike Petersen, Bob Playfair, Steve West, Maurice Williamson, Ron Gray

Other participants: Brett Winterowd, Phil Aune

-- Meeting commenced @ 1:10 PM

1. Approval of minutes

2. Treasurer report

3. Administration

4. Grant Reports

5. Blueprint discussion

6. Committee Reports

1. Approval of October 23, 2007 minutes; approved, (unanimous).

2. Treasurer report was handed out. Balance $7,731.33, net $6,730. Dick motioned to accept, second Tim. Approved (unanimous).

3. Administration. Claudia handed out her monthly executive director report.

4. Grants:

a. Monitoring Grant: Stevens County has agreed to administer our monitoring grant ($52,300). Lloyd discussed agreement in board handouts. This is different than Stevens County fireplan because Claudia will be doing a lot of oversight. Ferry County will be asked engaged in the education part of the grant.

Motion: Accept the MOA with StevensCounty. Moved: Dick; Seconded: Russ. Approved (unanimous)

b. Stevens County Fire Planning: Copies of the plan are at public library and other locations. Dick has requested extension of NFF grant until the end of March because in order to be completed federal, state and county officials need to sign off on it.

c. Monitoring grant: Maurice and Tania will be working on protocols and process and that will run by the CNF for approval, and Ferry & Stevens conservation districts. Bangs and Burnt Valley are projects being considered. CNF will provide before and after tables which will be baseline monitoring thresholds. Claudia has developed a grant contract and will insure grant management is taken care of properly. Claudia will provide grant administration and Dick Dunton will provide grant technical assistance technical leadership. Nothing prohibits any board member from participating in the process. Dick offered to work directly with Brett Winterowd (contractee) to help provide technical oversight.

d. NFF grant opportunity. Opportunities discussed were recreation planning, hiring a facilitator to bring motorized and non-motorized groups together to work out collaborative agreement. Claudia will research these opportunities further.

e. Personal Service Agreement. Claudia is on contract and this PSA (handout) establishes the framework of this relationship with NEWFC.

Motion: Board agrees to accept/sign the Personal Services Agreement with Claudia Michalke. Moved: Tim; Seconded: Russ. Approved (unanimous)

5. Blueprint discussion

a. Blueprint discussion. How beneficial would it be to apply active management and other NEWFC concepts to flanking forests? A question was raised regarding appropriateness of exporting NEWFC’s blueprint management allocations (RMA, Restoration, Wilderness) to adjacent national forests within Washington state and east of Okanogan River. Board felt there were positives and negatives. Positives are lack of existing & engaged collaborative groups, adjacency/ sourcing area for mills, similar forest types and political issues. A proposal was made to send a letter to Margaret Hartzell (forest plan revision leader) and Idaho Panhandle NF supervisor with maps recommending flanking forests adopt NEWFC recommendations. After substantive discussion, this issue was tabled until our December 13 meeting.

6. Committee Reports

a. Recreation Committee: Derrick has submitted a proposal to AmeriCorp to hire one of their volunteers to work on recreation planning, GPS work, committee facilitation / outreach and volunteer coordination. Person would be full-time service person. Cost would be about $5,600. Derrick discussed this proposal with a couple of representatives from Tri-County Motorized Rec. Coalition and they expressed support. The board was supportive.

7. Review of proposed draft Ground Rules

a. The board reviewed draft Ground Rules that were handed out during October meeting. A representative from Tri-County Motorized RC suggested points #10 and #15 be changed. Claudia offered some alternative draft language to see those concerns could be remedied. Due to lack of time this issue was tabled until the next meeting – in the meantime, please email your thoughts to the entire board to help facilitate discussion prior to Dec. 13 meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:05 PM