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Board Meeting – October 23, 2007

NEWFC Board Meeting – Minutes (approved)

Attending board members: Lloyd McGee (president), Ron Gray (treasurer), Tim Coleman (secretary), Tania Ellersick; Dick Dunton, Bob Playfair, Maurice Williamson, Derrick Knowles; Claudia Michalke; Russ Vaagen (vice-president)

Absent Board Members: Mike Petersen, David Heflick; Phil Carew; Steve West

Public participants: Sue Lani Madsen, Brett Winterrowd, Karen Dodson, Russ Larsen, Scott Nielsen; Don Anderson (WA State Snowmobile Association)

-- Meeting commenced @ 11:45 AM

1. Approval of minutes

2. Board Business

3. Grant Reports

4. New Business

5. Committee Reports

1. Approval of 8-16-07; 9-13-07 minutes. Motion to approve & second: Dick / Maurice, approved (unanimous)

2. Treasurer report. Balance is $8,481.33. Motion to approve & second: Dick / Maurice. Approved (unanimous)

3. Additions to USFS meeting: 1) monitoring grant and protocols

4. Grant reports:

a. Stevens County Fire Plan: Dick handed out a financial summary of the National Forest Foundation (NFF) grant. The available grant funds were used up in 2006, however recent NEWFC contributions from Avista resulted in additional matching funds now available. There is a positive balance of $4,388.48. The NEWFC grant generated information for all Stevens County Fire Districts (Phase 1), and has been incorporated into the nearly completed Stevens County CWPP (Phase II). The State FEMA Coordinator review is expected in Jan 2008. Lloyd will draft a letter to NFF - regarding grant status and requesting feedback. (NOTE - we have since received NFF guidance and completion work is in progress.)

b. Monitoring grant: Claudia handed out draft monitoring/collaboration Title II Grant protocols. Discussion followed concerning protocols including refining definitions of data collection entity (unbiased third party v “multi-party”), unit/tree diameter class, etc. The Project Committee will engage and refine protocols. Our monitoring parameters need to be drafted and submitted to the Forest Service for approval. Claudia will incorporate changes identified by the board and the revised document will be attached to final board minutes. Grant ends December 31, 2008. Work must be completed by then.

5. New Business

a. Coalition visit to Congress to: 1) update congressional representatives regarding coalition activities and our blueprint; 2) met with Forest Service leadership to clarify stewardship contracting authority and Proof of Concept; and 3) met with representative of the Colville Tribe. There was a lot of support for what NEWFC has been doing and is proposing be done.

b. Certainty – what mechanism could be used to balance wilderness with resource extraction? Merrill Ott said he would look into mechanisms that would allow for certainty. One possibility is to use a draft MOA or a resolution.

Meeting Adjourned – 1 PM for joint CNF meeting – and reconvened @ 3pm

c. Work Plan – ACTION: committee chairs need to develop a work plan for 2008 to be sent to Claudia before the December 13 meeting (following November meeting). Board feels there is a need to take a fresh look at committee structures; some may not be needed any longer (Stewardship Committee and Fire Plan Committee were discussed).

Motion: Ron -- Do away with Fire Planning Committee and Stewardship Committee as standing committees and review other committees at the November meeting. Second – Tim. Passed (unanimous)

d. Claudia will contact committee chairs to determine need for committees and prepare for November meeting.

e. A draft set of operational ground rules was handed out that are being proposed for adoption to assist in governing board interactions within and outside the Coalition. These are modeled after Timber, Fish & Wildlife (state) process. Discussion followed that including input from visiting motorized recreation interests regarding the blueprint. The blueprint is a “living” document – that is, it’s adaptive and focused on problem solving. Recommendation was to gather board feedback and give thoughtful review of draft ground rules and seek consensus approval at the next board meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 4:15 PM.

Next meeting à November 20, 1-3 PM, Conservation District