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Board Meeting – January 15, 2009

NRCS Conference Room

Next NEWFC board meeting February 19, 1-3 PM, SCCD

Attending board members & staff: Lloyd McGee (president), Jeff Juel, Tim Coleman (secretary); Claudia Michalke (executive director); David Heflick, Dick Dunton, Maurice Williamson, Derrick Knowles, Ron Gray (treasurer)

Absent Board Members: Bob Playfair, Steve West, Mike Petersen, Phil Carew, Ron Gray, Russ Vaagen

Also attending: Marc Gauthier, Chuck Gades, Phil Aune, Sarah Newman


1. Minutes approved

2. Executive Committee Report

3. Treasurer Report

4. Annual Plan of Work

5. Committee Reports

6. Grants Report

1. Minutes – Maurice motioned to approve November minutes with corrections (Derrick / Maurice counted both as here and absent) Dick seconded (approved - unanimous)

2. Executive Committee Report – Jim Doran would like to work for NEWFC on contract re: grant writer / special project funding. Jim could help with matching general support grants that Ron and Claudia bring in. Claudia suggested that Jim’s work be project specific – i.e. a pilot project in Stevens County.

Motion: Dick motioned that the Executive Committee be authorized to develop elements of a contract for a grant writer and the authority to contract with a contractor for this purpose, Tim seconded (approved - unanimous)

3. Treasurer’s report -- Claudia handed out a report. Treasurer Ron Gray Motion reported that account balance is $6,963.78.

Motion: Jeff motioned to approved Treasurers Report; Dave seconded (approved – unanimous)

Lloyd discussed outstanding expenditures remaining from our Bangs & Burnt Valley Monitoring grant fund to purchase supplies that Executive Committee has approved for consideration and approval of the Board.

Motion: Board approves expenditure of $306.51 for development of monitoring grant PowerPoint presentation and $1,430.79 for office equipment and supplies (laptop, projection screen, printer, paper). Maurice moved; Dick seconded Approved (unanimous)

- Annual Budget needs to be prepared so the board gets a clearer idea of needed expenditures. A budget is also essential to raising foundation and government funding.

Action: The Executive Committee will take on the task of drafting a budget for the February board meeting.

4. Annual Work Plan – Claudia prepared and handed out to the board an annual work plan. Discussion followed. One element that is omitted is special project funding. Lloyd and Maurice discussed a proposal to seek funding for twenty-year projects in the Tri-County area. At this time this is in terms of “place holders” until such time as we have quantified and agreed to a final set of variables. Board agreed that the Taskforce bring forward a proposal to the board and then take that proposal to the Forest Service. Of note, the Forest Plan Revision Committee was authorized to dovetail with the Forest Planning Summit process – the Taskforce and Projects Committee has tasked itself with further forest plan work – for now the FFRC remains dormat.

5. Committee Reports

A. Education and Public Relations Committee

EPRC has developed a work plan for 2009 that includes community outreach, website, commissioner outreach, production of a DVD and media work.

B. Recreation Committee

Recreation Committee has developed a form for individuals or groups to recommend new trails. Derrick will use recommendations to help craft a forest-wide trail proposal for review by both motorized and non-motorized groups and then presented to the CNF. This project will be the major focus of the committee for 2009.

C. Projects Committee

Committee is presently working on Hanlon Project -- a field trip is set with CNF and Kalispel Tribe for January 22. Summit-Pierre is progressing nicely – we have seen much better coordination with the Forest Service than in past projects – this helps to streamline NEPA. PC faces some challenges to develop general prescriptions for thinning and restoration.

D. Taskforce Committee

TF has been assigned to come up with an agreement regarding unresolved issues. The core of this is determining what prescriptive actions are mutually agreeable in the Active Management Area: 1) fixed mapping errors; 2) determine cutting budget (LMS-2), 3) determine LOS location outside of MA-1 (CNF old growth management area), 4) the definition of old growth, other issues: 1) a policy re storm / insect, etc. removals; 2) a sustainable cutting budget; 3) how to synchronize the CNF plan revision; 4) implementation of Proof of Concept and what that means; 5) use of prescribed fire in the Active Management Area.

6. Grants Report

- US Endowment: NEWFC’s grant proposal was denied. We will probably be going to Sustainable Northwest – who was funded – for funding in 2009.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:55 PM