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Articles of Special Interest
Forest Service Awarded Project Update
November 8, 2010
Completed Contracts
Since 2005
Forest Service Handbook
FSH 2409.19 Renewable Resources Handbook
Community Wildfire
Protection Plan
A handbook for wildfire-urban interface communites

Links of Special Interest

Red Lodge Clearing House

Through case studies, funding information, handbooks, news stories, and summaries of laws, the Red Lodge Clearinghouse supports, connects and informs the partners of collaborative initiatives and others addressing natural resource challenges in their community.

American Forest Resource Council

AFRC and its members believe that our public and private forestlands can be productive and healthy, providing quality habitat for fish and wildlife, clean air and water, recreational opportunities for millions of people, and a sustainable supply of lumber and paper products for this and future generations.

Colville National Forest

The Colville National Forest has 1.1 million acres in north eastern Washington and includes the Kettle River, Selkirk mountain ranges, and the upper reaches of the Columbia River.

Former 5th District Congressman; CEO, George Nethercutt Foundation

The George Nethercutt Foundation is founded on the belief that greater emphasis must be placed on knowing our country, its history, and how and why our economic system is the world's best.